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Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design an Earthy Boho Living Room Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design an Earthy Boho Living Room

Jasmine Roth Bright Idea: How To Design an Earthy Boho Living Room

Bohemian or “boho” style evokes the idea of artists' or travelers' homes filled with various pieces that inspire or remind them of fascinating places. Unconventional by definition, bohemian style mixes colors, textiles, patterns, objects, and art from various cultures. You don’t have to travel far to create a lovely bohemian living room that exhibits reminders of pieces you cherish most. 

Boho living room designed but Jasmine Roth with Saddlewood chandelier 

First Things First

I began by choosing to keep a few existing elements in place for this space. We had great light wood floors, so I decided to match the floors and make the ceiling a focal point in the room. Then I chose the light! This round candelabra-style chandelier is from Hunter’s Saddlewood Collection. I believe lighting should be picked towards the beginning of the project because it sets the tone. The light hangs above the coffee table–which mirrors the style–and is the connection point between the floor and the ceiling. I loved designing the furniture around this statement light fixture. It tied everything together. For more ideas on lighting the spaces where you entertain check out Jasmine’s Bright Ideas: Dining Room and Kitchen.

The Question of Color

The rules of color are not set in stone for bohemian style. Still, you can't go wrong with warm earthy colors, leveraging terracotta trendy. In this room, I really went for it with the paint color. We added custom chair-rail-height molding and painted it terracotta. Above that we selected Brancusi wallpaper from Anthropologie in the subtle tone of sandstone to allow the paint color to pop. 

Pro Tip:

 I like using bold paint colors in small doses because it's easy to change in the future. 

That said, the paint in this room, Earth by Farrow and Ball, really ties the design together. 

Art of Selections

I chose neutral furniture in this room that had a midcentury/boho vibe. I love the lines of the coffee table and wanted to pull some of that contrasting dark color into the artwork.

This room needed a pop of color, and this green rug was just the place to find it. I added a rug with a vintage feel to ensure the space didn't feel sterile or stuffy. You can also add a few decorative items like coffee table books. Here, I added my book, House Story. Check it out to learn more insider secrets to the perfect home renovation.  

Put Your Feet Up

This room was a joy to design. I knew I was done when I added the flowers to the coffee table, and I immediately wanted to just sit on the couch and put my feet up. As I say, when you can relax, then your work is done. What a cozy space! Want more Bright Ideas? 

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