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Bright Ideas: Q&A with Design Expert Jasmine Roth Bright Ideas: Q&A with Design Expert Jasmine Roth

Bright Ideas: Q&A with Design Expert Jasmine Roth

Jasmine Roth has done it all, from installing her own flooring to climbing up on a roof for a look down the chimney. She’s a designer, decorator, and DIY-er with a ton of knowledge and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Building homes and creating personal, functional spaces is her bread and butter. It’s why she knows what a huge impact lighting has on a space. 

“Lighting is an easy way to give your space a new style without demo’ing it or breaking the bank. And I love how Hunter has made it easier than ever to choose beautiful lighting designs that help create a timeless and unified look in the home.”

Creating multi-functional, beautiful spaces is also what inspired our new Hunter Lighting line. Realizing how much we had in common, we knew Jasmine would be the perfect partner for our Hunter Lighting™ launch. 

We sat down with her the other day to learn more about her design process and hear some of her bright ideas. 


What’s the first thing you start with when designing and planning a space?

When designing a space, I start with what’s already there. A lot of people forget about that. Then they start pulling materials and paint colors and all these different accessories without considering what they already have.  

That means you also need to look at the lighting that’s already there—whether you have natural light or you don't have natural light; whether the room needs to be brighter or darker. The way lighting looks in the room has a lot to do with the design and how the room is going to feel.


What advice do you have about choosing the right light fixture?  

This is something I help my clients with every day. Again, start by looking at what else is in the room. Then think about size and scale. You also want to take into consideration how much light you need to add into a room, as well as how much you actually need. A kitchen with lots of natural light and canned lights might need two pendant lights instead of three.  

From a style perspective, you have to trust your gut. People fall into this fear of choosing the wrong thing. The truth is if it feels good to you, it’s your house so it’s the right decision. It’s okay to like something and it’s okay to put it in your house because it’s what you like.

Natural Iron Saddlewood Chandelier over coffee table in large, neutral toned living room in front of fireplace from bird's eye view.

What do you love most about Hunter Lighting?

I gotta say you guys have done a really good job as far as building these collections that complement each other but never feel too matchy-matchy. Unless you wanted to feel that way! I mean, sometimes it's nice to have a nice flush mount light that matches the pendant in a bathroom. 

You all also nailed matching finishes from collection to collection. The first time I walked into your design lab, I saw the finishes and how consistent they were across everything. I was like, “Yes! Finally! Someone gets it!” So, if you want a modern brass pendant from one collection but a matching chandelier from another collection, you know the finishes will match so you still have this cohesive look in your space. 


Two Alturas Gold Van Nuys Pendants over a breakfast nook table in eclectic room.

What’s a lighting finish that you love?

The Alturas Gold on the Van Nuys Collection is something I’m drawn to right now. It’ll go well with any neutral design and let the light fixture stand out in the space. Sometimes you want a strong piece of art or a handcrafted table to be the centerpiece of your room; other times it’s the light. And the Van Nuys could both feel more neutral as a part of the design, or it could have a big moment in a room.  

What other Hunter Lighting™ fixtures are you drawn to right now?  

I did two houses recently—actually before I started my relationship with y’all—and I used Hunter Lighting. I went with the Hepburn, and in the other home I used the Grove Isle. I was so impressed by both of them. Very different styles but both really set off those dining rooms in a great way.  

Where I used the Hepburn pendants I used them in a line across a dining room table in a room with really high ceilings, so even the downrods became part of the design. I love that as an option. And I love the white, milk glass look. I could talk about these lights all day. I’m obsessed!  

With the Grove Isle chandelier, I went with the white shades and brass finish. I love that it was mid-century modern. I used it in a beach cottage so it’s California Casual and it was my MCM nod that brought it from a traditional beach cottage to something that was a little edgier. The black has more contrast and makes more of a statement. With this beach cottage, it was light and bright, and I paired it with rattan and textural elements that really brought it together.  


Three Onyx Bengal Felippe Pendants with Clear Seeded Glass over kitchen Island

What light fixture would you recommend for someone who changes their style frequently?

The Felippe has a classic shape and the seeded glass works with so many different design styles. The one thing I would change out depending on where I'm installing it is the shape of the bulb. In a more whimsical or transitional style space, I would use a round bulb. For a mid-century modern space, I’d use a candelabra bulb. Definitely a tube-shaped bulb for a modern industrial-style room. This fixture really could go anywhere!  

What about a light fixture for rooms with lower ceilings? What's a light that could make it feel grand?

The Sacha flush mount light is great for a space where you don’t want a light that hangs too far down but still adds a little bit of weight to the room. It would definitely work in an entryway. I think it would be gorgeous in a bathroom above the tub. When building to code, in some spaces you can’t have a chandelier above a bathtub because the light fixture has to be a certain distance above the tub, so the Sacha flush mount would be gorgeous and safe there. This could also work in a kitchen if you did three of them above an island. It really does work in every room! 


Shop more of Jasmine’s top picks from Hunter Lighting on our partnership page. Whether you’re a home builder yourself or a DIY-er, you’ll take away something from the bright ideas she’s sharing on our blog.