Getting your baby's room ready with a nursery ceiling fan 

Should a nursery have a ceiling fan? Adding a ceiling fan in a baby nursery not only enhances the style of your little one’s room, but researchers say it could also help your infant sleep safely. study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that using a fan in the nursery while the baby is asleep reduces their risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by 72 percentSt. Louis Children’s Hospital shared information for helping babies sleep safely, and one of their tips included keeping a ceiling fan on in their room to circulate air – as it prevents the baby from overheating.  

We're not medical experts, but we can tell you that when it comes to home décor and the best ceiling fans for a baby nursery, we have a lot to share. See how you can get your baby’s space ready and safe for their arrival with our nursery decorating tips and baby room ceiling fan picks.  

Determine your color palette

When selecting your nursery’s color palette, it’s important to remember that visual stimulation is important for your baby. Creating a color palette that features rich colors with contrasts is key. For example, pairing a warm yellow with a calming green is a great way to add a pop of personality while also establishing some contrast. If you want the space to grow with your child, consider keeping the walls neutral and adding in pops of color with rugs, removable wallpaper and furniture.  

Regardless of whether you decide to paint your walls, adding in a fan with a pop of color, like our Dublin, is a great way to add personality to a functional piece. After all, their mobile isn’t the only thing your baby looks up at when they’re in their crib – you might as well use an interesting ceiling fan for the nursery, too.  

Once you’ve established your nursery’s color palette, you can have fun with the space’s style.  

Hunter dusty green dublin ceiling fan in a kids room

Find your nursery’s style or theme 

Whether you’re wanting your baby’s room to mirror your home’s design or stand on its own, establishing your nursery’s style is key – after all, this space is for you too! 

Soft modern

Soft modern is playful and can grow with your child's changing styles. This simplistic style gives you the freedom to add in pops of color, decorate with modern fixtures, and play around with different textures. Modern ceilings fans like the Cranbrook mid-century modern ceiling fan or the  Advocate smart fan  have a modern design that stands out in small bedrooms. You might even find some of our soft modern ceiling fans like the Dempsey Low Profile and the Hepburn are easy to clean too. Need tips for cleaning your ceiling fanWe've got you covered. 

Hunter Blonde oak dempsy in a kids room

Modern farmhouse 

If you’re embracing farmhouse home décor, consider bringing it into your nursery, too. This style is based on heritage and creating a cozy feeling – which is exactly how you want your nursery to feel. Keep your farmhouse nursery colors neutral – light grey, white, beige – and use rustic, wood finishes. Add greens and blues for a splash of color that keeps with the farmhouse vibe. We recommend the Mill Valley fan in Indigo Blue or the Loki fan that both feature rustic finishes for a farmhouse-style nursery.   


Bohemian patterned rugs combined with greenery and global-inspired artwork creates a playful, yet grown-up, space. The Bennett transitional fan design and unique light fixture give it the perfect finishing touch in eclectic nursery designs. 

Themed nursery: outer space décor

Finally, if you’re looking to craft a small space specifically for your baby, consider utilizing a nursery theme. For example, a jungle or space-themed room is a great way to bring in engaging toys and playful design. For an outer space-themed room, our Discovery fan is the natural pick. With an Earth globe design and space-themed blades, this fan offers the perfect amount of visual stimulation.  

With this theme, you can also add in subtle space-themed wall decalstummy time mats, or ceiling mobiles. All these decorative elements make your nursery cozier for both you and baby. Plus, this nursery theme is versatile enough to grow with your child over time. As your baby grows up, you can add in fun outer space bed sheets or shelves 

Hunter Space rocket stars discovery ceiling fan in a kids room

Smart home nursery 

If you’re wanting your nursery to work for you, transform this space into a smart nursery. Our modern Advocate fan is a part of our SIMPLEconnect® Wi-Fi® collection – which means you can control it with an integrated remote control or with smart home applications like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. With this addition, you can control your nursery fan during naptime without disruption.  

While your baby rests, the Owlet smart heart rate and oxygen monitor helps give you peace of mind. Likewise, the Snooz and Hatch smart sleep assistants help your baby achieve a better night’s sleep. All these the smart home additions make your life a little easier so you have more time to care for your newborn. 

Bringing your nursery together. 

Once you’ve determined your style, brought in furniture, and prepared for your new arrival, it’s time to add those finishing touches to your baby’s nursery. If you haven’t already, bring in some small space decorations, such as floating shelves, mobiles, and curtains, to bring the space together and make it feel warm and cozy. And if you need some additional lighting in the room, choose a nursery ceiling fan with a light to make the space even more functional. 

Getting your baby’s nursery ready is an exciting experience that gives you creative control. Have fun with your space, and don’t forget to show us how you fashioned your Hunter fan in your nursery. Use the hashtag #itsahunter and tag us on Instagram @hunterfanco to be featured.  

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