We’re a little obsessed with Joanna Gaines’ designs, which is why we were thrilled to see our Caneel Bay featured in one of her room redesigns. During a recent episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines installed the Casablanca’s industrial-style ceiling fan in room that doubled as both a home office and mudroom.  

Casablanca Designer Patrick O’Connell notethat the room’s wooden desk paired wonderfully with the Caneel Bay. Together, the two pieces keep the eye moving around the room. “The whole goal of any good designer is that your eye keeps moving. That’s when you know you have a great space: You can’t stop looking around, it carries you from point to point,” says O’Connell.

“People should be putting this fan everywhere." Patrick O’Connell, Designer

The Caneel Bay is available in two finishes: Aged Steel with White Washed Distressed Oak blades (as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper) and Maiden Bronze with Smoked Walnut blades. It features industrial-inspired details, including rivets on the blade irons and latches on the housing – which make it perfect for casual spaces. The strong housing design coupled with the distressed blade finishes allow it to play well with masculine and feminine styles. Gaines employs those exact styles in the Fixer Upper episode. “She pairs masculine elements in a more feminine space: the color palette, your combination of cool grey walls with the warm tone wood,” says O’Connell.  


With a 56-inch blade span it easily works in large or great rooms. It’s also damp rated, meaning it can seamlessly fit in indoor living rooms as well as covered patios. “People should be putting this fan everywhere,” says O’Connell. He just might mean that literally -- O’Connell shares the various style spaces the Caneel Bay fits in. 


Exposed brick, pipes, and wood beams are quintessential to industrial style. It’s all about embracing raw elements with rustic details like metal brackets and washed wood. Keep the furniture simple in these spaces: Casablanca’s designers like the juxtaposition of clean lines and modern furniture in industrial-inspired room.  

These simple furnishings complement the Caneel Bay’s industrial details. With its exposed hardware and intentionally aged finishes, the Caneel Bay blends into industrial spaces with ease. Specifically, this fan transitions well into industrial-inspired kitchens. Industrial kitchens incorporate dark hardware and open shelving, and with its statement light fixture and exposed hardware, the Caneel Bay adds that necessary finishing touch. In addition, this fan works wonderfully with other industrial kitchen staples, such as butcher-block countertops and metal draftsman’s breakfast barstools.  

Modern farmhouse 

Modern farmhouse, like industrial, embraces raw elements but in a more classic, elegant way. Exposed wood beams in a room with rustic furniture, like a barnwood coffee table or a bed with reclaimed wood, unify the modern farmhouse look in a space.  

According to O’Connell, these modern and rustic design details suit the Caneel Bay’s clean lines. Specifically, the Caneel Bay in Aged Bronze adds a finishing touch to farmhouse-style living rooms with shiplap or wainscoting. “Because the finish is so clean it can fit in a cleaner space, the space itself doesn’t have to be distressed or casual,” says O’Connell. Overall, the Caneel Bay’s vintage-inspired details complement the vintage and rustic design elements that the modern farmhouse embrace.   


The cottagecore aesthetic is taking the internet by storm. This home style embraces rural and floral elements, which is why the Caneel Bay makes a perfect addition to these dreamy, rustic homes. The cottagecore trend draws on vintage furnishings and decorations, and our Caneel Bay embodies that style with its vintage-inspired design.  

With its damp rating and 56-inch blade span, this fan works beautifully in larger, cottagecore style sunrooms or covered patios. Plus, the Caneel Bay’s Aged Steel and Maiden Bronze finishes complement the trend’s outdoorsy design aesthetics. Cottagecore staples such as dried flowers, vintage wall accessories and wicker furniture, all work together seamlessly with the Caneel Bay to complete a room.

Modern Bohemian

This eclectic style embraces pops of color by combining sleek modern touches with boho-chic elements. In modern bohemian spaces, you can have fun with natural textures, gold hardware, and vintage accents. Because modern bohemian style encourages a variety of colors and textures, it is best to keep the base of your room neutral. 

Use fresh white paint on your walls, add a vintage-inspired floral pillows, a woven jute rug, and install our classic Caneel Bay. With its neutral color palette and more masculine design details, this fan plays well with the feminine touches that modern bohemian spaces encourage.


The global interior design style encourages a variety of patterns, textures, and colors from around the world. Like in modern bohemian style, global design encourages maximalism and works best with a neutral base. In a global-inspired space with bold patterned pillows, eye-catching woven rugs, and a hand-crafted vintage bed frame, the Caneel Bay’s subtle Maiden Bronze with Smoked Walnut blades ties the space together.  

The Caneel Bay is the perfect complement to global home trends: It adds a statement without over-crowding the space. Overall, this fan’s universal design allows it to complement mixed textures and colors perfectly without taking away from the global style.  


As O’Connell says, the Caneel Bay should be everywhere. It complements so many different spaces and styles. This fan’s blade span ties large spaces together, and as a damp-rated fan it also transitions wonderfully into covered outdoor areas. With its strong housing and distressed blades, the Caneel Bay allows you to complete your ideal space – whether it's a modern farmhouse bedroom, cottagecore-inspired living room, or anything in between. 

Casablanca Fan Company Caneel Bay outdoor ceiling fan on Fixer Upper

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