Casablanca Fan Company partnered with Sarasota Modern Hotel to invite media influencers to experience the magic of Sarasota and style of Casablanca's unique ceiling fan designs.

At the Casablanca event, name cards were placed on the dining table to welcome media attendees.

Have you ever thought of taking a vacation somewhere warm and rich with history, culture, and architecture? Look no further than The Sarasota Modern, a newly opened hotel in Sarasota, Florida.

Select rooms, patios, and pergolas at the hotel are complemented by a Casablanca designer ceiling fan. In celebration of this partnership, media influencers were invited to a weekend getaway at the hotel to learn more about what inspired the designs of each unique ceiling fan

Media attendees sit at the table for brunch at the hotel restaurant.


Media attendees sit at the table for brunch at the hotel restaurant

On the first day, the media arrived throughout the day and explored the hotel on their own, captivated by the minimalist architecture. Because the hotel is rooted in simplistic design, the Aya, Piston and Paume were all chosen to be featured throughout the hotel. That evening the group met at Boca, a farm-to-table style restaurant in the heart of Sarasota.

Holli Rodrigues of Beesnburlap stands inspired by the unique design of a Casablanca ceiling fan.

"My favorite fan was the Aya! I can't wait for my own!!"

Holli Rodrigues, BeesnBurlap

Saturday began with a grand tour of the hotel, which included discussion of the design and inspiration behind each ceiling fan. The focus of the conversation centered around how each Casablanca designer ceiling fan enhanced the aesthetic of the space it was placed in. Also mentioned was the hotel architecture and décor. The attendees delighted in the interesting patterns mixed with mid-century modern and a hint of Florida style..

Outdoor patio featuring a Casablanca Fan

After the tour was brunch at the hotel restaurant, Rudolph's (named for a famous modernist architect). The group dined on the patio under the ambiance of the Paume fans as they hanged from the pergola. The mid-century modern-inspired design of these outdoor ceiling fans sparked immediate discussion about how the aesthetic of ceiling fans can add to any room's style. For many attendees, a ceiling fan was not much more than an afterthought. After their tour everyone in attendance was struck by the design statement a ceiling fan can make in a space. Both in form and function the group agreed that a ceiling fan can make any room an instantly more inviting place to live.

A media attendee snaps a shot of a polaroid photograph with her iPhone.

That afternoon, the group traveled across town for an inspirational excursion. The Ringling is one of Sarasota's most popular attractions, famous for its numerous sites and museums. The Circus Museum houses several historical pieces from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as well as a massive model of the combined shows from the early 1900s. The residence of John and Mable Ringling, also known as the Ca' d'Zan, was also visited on the stop. The Ca’ d’Zan was an especially notable stop as the ornate features were a stark contrast to the clean and simple design experienced at the hotel.

Last but not least was the Ringling Museum of Art, housing John Ringling's immense art collection. The Ringling Museum of Art is known for its pink walls and archways which are inspiring features that emulate Florida style. On site is a delicious restaurant called Muse at the Ringling featuring cuisine with an international flair in a contemporary setting.

"To be honest, I never paid much attention to ceiling fans before...I was so surprised by this immersive experience to learn about the world of ceiling fans--everything from design, inspiration, and functionality of Casablanca."

Jane Ko, A Taste of Koko
Jane Ko from A Taste of Ko poses on the patio of the hotel.

Upon returning to the hotel from visiting The Ringling, media attendees had time to explore the hotel and surrounding area further. To top the day off, the group went to Element: Modern Mediterranean Grill for a wine-tasting dinner curated by their house sommelier. Over dinner, attendees reflected upon their experiences and spoke about the day’s events. Discussion included coming design trends as well as consumer needs and how Casablanca’s unique line of ceiling fans can fit those needs. The next day, attendees said their good-byes and departed all throughout the day.

The highly successful partnership between Casablanca Fan Company and The Sarasota Modern is a testament to how minimalist design and mid-century architecture are making a comeback in a unique way. Updating your personal style with this design style can be as simple as adding or replacing your existing ceiling fan to give your space a modern finishing touch.

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