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close up of the Valby ceiling fan


The Valby modern ceiling fan is inspired by Mid-Century design elements, from pendant lights to audio equipment. Designer Alex Haggar shares more about the inspiration behind this modern ceiling fan.

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There are so many wonderful ceiling fan designs out there, so why limit your choices when it comes to decorating your home?

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modern living space with Perseus outdoor ceiling fan

close up of Caneel Bay ceiling fan


We’re a little obsessed with Joanna Gaines’ designs, which is why we were elated to see our Caneel Bay featured in one of her room redesigns.

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Casual Modern

Our modern ceiling fans will be the statement of your living space. These innovative designs are available in various sizes and color options to fit your home.

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casual modern Isotope ceiling fan

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Casablanca Inspiration

With Casablanca, a ceiling fan becomes so much more than just a functional fixture. It becomes the statement piece for any room in your home. Casablanca fans bring inspiration into a studio, dazzle guests in your living room, and create a breath of fresh air in your bedroom. Whether your tastes are classic, contemporary, or rustic, we have a handcrafted fan design that's perfect for your home. Casablanca fans get noticed and create a wow-factor like you never knew a fan could.

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Do you need a centerpiece for your living room, outdoor space, bedroom, or elsewhere that's sure to impress your guests and have you loving your home again? Take a look at our Design Gallery for some truly mesmerizing ways that a Casablanca fan can transform any room into a piece of art. Just imagine how any of these photos could be used as the blueprint for making your own home into something exceptional.

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Our design team travels the world seeking out dazzling designs and bold new elements. We take our findings and put them to use by crafting fans that are simply stunning. We're dedicated to high-end design, but we're also committed to sharing our knowledge with you. Take a look at our blog posts for worldly design ideas and to learn how creative and technical design can elevate any room in your house.

Be a Part of the #CASABLANCAFAN Gallery

Don't just take our word that we've got the best fans around – see for yourself how a Casablanca fan can change the look and feel of an entire room. Check out the #CASBLANCAFAN Gallery to explore the many ways a Casablanca fan can elevate even the simplest of rooms into something exceptional. When you finish your own masterpiece of design, help inspire others, too! Share pictures with us using the hashtag #CASABLANCAFAN so others can use your room as inspiration at the beginning of their design journey.

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A fan is just as much of a fashion statement as any other element in a room, which is why it pays to keep up with the latest trends. Browse what's trending to learn what's making waves in the world of fan design and which retro styles are making a comeback. Find out how our own designers stay inspired and discover how our unrivaled fans can infuse your home with joy, creativity, and brilliance.

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We're passionate about great design and stellar craftsmanship. We want to share that passion with you with our informative Behind the Design videos. See for yourself why a fan should never be an afterthought, but rather, the centerpiece of any beautifully designed room. Our designers share the history behind some of our most influential designs, tips for taking care of your own fan, and how to tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill fan and a top-of-the-line Casablanca design.

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When you're ready to let a Casablanca fan transform your home, browse our featured ceiling fan designs, check out our buying guide for helpful advice. With our help, you can find the perfect fit for every room.