The kitchen is the heart of your home, a place where functionality meets style. At Hunter, we've made buying kitchen pendant lights online as easy as it's convenient. With over 200 styles to choose from, we offer a stunning collection of kitchen pendants designed to brighten your space and elevate your culinary experience.

Whether you prefer modern kitchen pendants, farmhouse kitchen pendants, or full glass kitchen pendants, Hunter is where to buy kitchen pendants to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Glass Pendant Lights for Kitchen: Rossmoor and Cypress Grove

Rossmoor pendant

The Rossmoor 1 Light pendant offers Mini and Medium size options in Luxe Gold finish. Designed in collaboration with Jasmine Roth, the Rossmoor Pendant is the perfect fixture to turn your vintage daydreams into reality. With its unique fluted clear glass and glamorous details, the Rossmoor will make your room glow with subtle beauty. Ideal in multiples over a kitchen island, this pendant will transform your traditional decor into a 1920s movie set.


Cypress grove pendant

The Cypress Grove 1 Light pendant offers Mini, 10-inch, 13-inch, and 16-inch selections in three different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Natural Black Iron, and Onyx Bengal. The beauty of the Cypress Grove is in its unique design. With fluted glass and modern finishes, this pendant blends into every space with ease. No wonder it has a 5-star review.


Black Pendant Light Kitchen: Carrington Isle and Saddle Creek

Carrington isle Pendant

The Carrington Isle 1 Light pendant offers Mini, 12-inch, and 16-inch selections in a Matte Black finish trimmed in Luxe Gold hardware. The Carrington Isle Pendant, designed in collaboration with Jasmine Roth, exudes refinement and sophistication, incorporating intricate arched details, sleek metal shades, and stunning two-tone finishes. This elegant fixture effortlessly elevates any space with its streamlined silhouette and cone-shaped shade, radiating an aura of sublime grace. The Carrington Isle Collection holds the power to transform any room into a luxurious haven, captivating guests with its exquisite shades and distinctive geometric accents.

Saddle Creek pendant

The Saddle Creek 1 Light schoolhouse pendant can be customed to your taste. Our selection includes two glass options Clear Seeded and Cased White, three sizes Mini, 10-inch, and 16-inch, and two finishes: Brushed Nickel and Noble Bronze. The Saddle Creek pendants draw inspiration from the iconic American schoolhouse light. Its traditional design has elevated elements including an updated touch with subtle detailing in the glass shade.  

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lights: Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks Pendant

 The Fair Oaks 4 Light 13-inch pendant is available in two finishes: Luxe Gold and Matte Black. Designed in collaboration with Jasmine Roth, incorporating elements of the "vintage greenhouse" style, the Fair Oaks Lantern Pendant exudes classic delicacy with an effervescent glow. The distinct sharp, geometric lines of this piece work in concert with the soft light it casts, making it a perfect addition to kitchens. This unique pendant is poised to elevate any style, infusing an air of elegance and beauty in any setting. This stunning pendant light is designed to make an impact, creating a focal point over your kitchen island.


At Hunter, we’re dedicated to helping you transform your kitchen into a space that’s not only functional but also beautifully lit and inviting. From the glamorous Rossmoor and Cypress Grove pendants to the refined Carrington Isle and the modern Fair Oaks, Hunter offers a diverse selection of pendant styles that cater to various tastes and preferences.

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