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A brighter side
of Hunter.

With Hunter’s all-new line of lighting, transforming the spaces you love is easier than ever before.

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Jasmine Roth x Hunter Lighting™

Hunter has teamed up with design expert, Jasmine Roth, to create Bright Ideas to transform any space in your home. From style picks to helpful tips, Jasmine and Hunter are here to help make your spaces brighter and more like home.

Jasmine Roth’s Top Picks

Brighten any room with these unique and stylish fixtures.

The power of
Hunter Lighting™.

Lighting has the ability to change the whole feel of a room, or to unify the feeling of spaces throughout the home.

  • Designer styles for all
  • Durable, beautiful finishes
  • Trusted Hunter quality
  • Easy to choose and install
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“Hunter’s choices are so purposeful, and it really shows in the details— like using a downrod instead of a wire on simple fixtures for a more sophisticated look. Large fixtures use authentic materials and unique finishes. I love how this lighting stands out!”

– Jasmine Roth

Bright Ideas

We worked directly with design expert, Jasmine Roth, to develop these helpful tips to transform any space in your home!


Looking to make a statement in your dining room? Hang your favorite artwork and highlight it with wall sconces. For a unique twist on this accent lighting idea, hang the wall sconces facing up.

More Bright Ideas

Simple steps for choosing the right
light for your space and project.


Start with the type of space and how you want it to feel and function, then measure the length, width, and clearance height of the location for your fixtures.


The scale of your fixtures can add sophistication or flair. Larger fixtures can make a statement or you can use multiple smaller fixtures to create a layered look.


Stylish light fixtures help pull together a room and guide your eyes around the space. Matching styles can feel sophisticated, mixing can feel unexpected.