It’s the time of year for tablescaping, hosting loved ones, and celebrating the holidays with food, fellowship, and did we mention food? As you start dreaming up the perfect centerpiece to grace your table, take a look at these conversation piece chandeliers that can cast your dining room in a whole new light.  

In this Huntervention, we aimed to preserve the family's beloved dining table, rich with memories, while elevating the space with a striking new lighting fixture. We choose two different chandeliers to turn this dining room from ordinary to dazzling. By experimenting with textured lighting, we showcase how introducing fresh textures and tones can elevate your table—and the entire room—to newfound heights.  

 Sunjai or Gatz chandelier

Glitz and Glam 

Let’s be real—there’s something a little magical about chandeliers. The name alone denotes a sense of luxury and sophistication, and no matter the style, chandeliers create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that few other lighting fixtures can match. As an added bonus, chandeliers are designed to let off a lot of light! 

So, it was only fitting to add our Gatz 9 light 2-tier chandelier. Featuring clear fluted glass and a bold, bright metal finish, this statement centerpiece from our Gatz collection produces a soft, subtle shimmer of light that evokes an effortless air of old-world charm - perfect to pair with an heirloom table. 

Lovely by day and stunning at night, this fixture is available in Brushed Nickel or Alturas Gold to easily match your existing decor.

  Before and After

Sophisticated and Sleek 

When brightening up a dining room that exudes warmth, wood tones and informal elegance, we love the Sunjai 9 light 2-tier chandelier. Designed to take clean lines to the next level, this radiant piece from our Sunjai collection sports a casual geometry and modern edge offset by fine, shimmering adornments at the base of each light. Featuring nine individual lights that evoke a candelabra’s classic glow, this fixture is offered in Brushed Nickel or Alturas Gold to complement any aesthetic. 

A Pop of Vibrant Color 

Situated right by the main entrance, this dining room demanded attention. Our goal: transform it into an absolute showstopper. In this Huntervention, we embraced a deep, green wall color to elevate the natural tones of the table, chairs, and artwork. 

PRO TIP: If table settings aren't your forte, opt for low-maintenance vibrant greenery. It effortlessly uplifts any dining room, creating a subtle nod to al fresco dining

As you embark on envisioning the perfect centerpiece for your table, consider exploring these captivating chandeliers that double as conversation starters. View the full Huntervention from start to finish on our Instagram, and shop Hunter’s exquisite lighting collection for the perfect chandelier to brighten your home just in time for the holidays. If you're specifically seeking over table lighting ideas, these remarkable fixtures are sure to inspire your dining room transformation.

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