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How to Install a Bathroom Sconce for a Quick Update

  • Sarah Villane

Installing wall sconces for a quick bathroom update 

Adding a new light fixture is an easy way to spruce up your bathroom. Installing wall sconces elevates your space’s style while also providing more lighting. Whether you’re adding one wall sconce or multiple small lights for your vanity, wall sconces make a huge visual impact on your space.  

Installing a light fixture can seem daunting at first, but once you learn how to add a wall sconce, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to do it yourself. With our wall sconce installation tips and tricks, you’ll have the well-lit bathroom of your dreams in no time.  

How to install a wall sconce in your bathroom 

Before you start, have your tools gathered, turn off your old fixture at the wall, and turn power off at the circuit breaker. Here are some general steps for how to install a hardwired wall sconce in your bathroom, but always refer to your specific model’s installation manual, which can often be found online.  

  1. Remove your old fixture, including the old mounting bracket. Carefully remove your new sconce from its packaging and locate the mounting bracket. Gently thread the wires from the junction box through the center hole of your mounting bracket. Use the included mounting screws to secure your mounting bracket. With the mounting bracket in place, use a screwdriver to partially install you’re the grounding screw into the bracket.  
  2. Have a helper support the fixture while you complete the wiring. Attach your sconce’s wires to the power supply from the junction box using a wire connector:
    • Connect black to black (live),  
    • White to white (grounded),  
    • And grounding to ground (green or copper)


How to install sconce: Twist the ends of the wire pairs together, then twist on a wire connector

Tuck the wires into the mounting bracket. Finally, loop the sconce’s ground wire around the grounding screw that was partially installed into the mounting bracket. Once that wire is looped, tighten the screw.  

If you are uncomfortable with wiring your wall sconce, consult a certified, professional electrician. 

If there is no ground wire (green or copper) coming from the junction box, contact a certified, professional electrician. 

    3. Now for the exciting part: getting your sconce on the wall. With your fixture’s backplate in hand, place it over the mounting screws so that their threads protrude through the backplate.

How to install a lighting sconce: Place the backplate over the mounting screws so their threads protrude

Then twist the cap nuts onto the mounting screws until the backplate fits snug against the wall.

Now install a light bulb in accordance with your sconce’s specifications. 

how to install a lighting sconce: Now install a light bulb in accordance with your sconce’s specifications

    4. Depending on your sconce, you either twist your light shade in place or secure it into the socket with screws. Check your fixture’s manual for exact instructions. 

 How to install a lighting sconce: Start to install your sconce's light shade 

how to install a lighting sconce: Secure it into the socket with the cap nuts

Once your installation is complete, you can turn your power back on at the wall and breaker box. 

NOTE:  If there is no ground wire (green or copper) coming from the junction box, contact a qualified electrician.  

Wall sconces for bathroom lighting  

With installation knowledge under your belt, it is time to get creative. You can get playful and think outside of the box when it comes to wall sconces. For example, consider installing the wall sconce upside down for a unique highlightIn addition, you can install bathroom wall sconces in pairs. If you have one sink in your bathroom, adding a sconce on both sides of the mirror instantly elevates the room with a unique lookIn a bathroom with dual sink vanities, the lighting possibilities are endless. For example, if you’re looking for a subtle, modern touch, utilize three one-light wall sconces around two mirrors to frame your space. 

Modern bathroom sconces 

Complement your bathroom’s style by selecting a fixture that matches in design. In a contemporary or Mid-Century modern style bathroom, for example, a modern bathroom wall sconce would fit perfectly. The Hepburn is a grand and glamorous fixture with retro touches and modern finishes. This versatile, modern fixture’s round light shade adds a chic touch to your space whether its installed upside down or right side up.

Hunter lighting, gold hollywood glamous, Hepburn sconce dual vanity

 The Astwood is another versatile bathroom wall sconce. It’s subtle, art deco influences and simple design effortlessly add a modern touch to your space. 

Hunter Lighting, matte black clear glass, Astwood sconce modern midcentury bathroom

Rustic bathroom sconces 

The Starklake is a one-of-a-kind wall sconce that is reminiscent of both farmhouse and nautical designs. Its unique caged design makes it stand out in your bathroom – whether it’s installed on its own or in pairs. The  Starklake caged wall sconce fits into a variety of design styles, including both farmhouse and modern industrial. Overall, this fixture adds an air of authenticity to your space with its industrial touches and style.  

With so many wall sconce installation possibilities, the only hard part about installing bathroom lighting is landing on a style. Remember to have fun with your space and get creative with your lighting – whether you install a modern or rustic fixture. Need help picking the perfect bathroom wall sconce? Chat with our design consultant for free design expertise on your bathroom project.  

  Caged chrome Hunter Starklake lighting sconce farmhouse rustic bathroom