How to Clean a Light Fixture

How to Clean a Light Fixture

Your light fixture is fabulous. It completes the look of your room and sets your space aglow in the evenings. Unfortunately, dust and dirt can steal the attention from the beauty of our home and dim the lighting. When you have chosen beautiful pieces like one of our Hunter light fixtures you’ll want to keep it beautiful for years to come. Making sure you are keeping it clean the right way will allow you and your guests to bask in the glow of its beauty for years.  


Astwood Vanity

Safety First

Flip the switch to off and cut off the current to the light you will be cleaning. To ensure that you don’t get burned, begin after the light has been off for at least 30 minutes. If you are cleaning ceiling lights vanities or higher sconces, be certain that your step stool is the appropriate height, sturdy and level. It should not wobble at all.  


Materials and tools are minimal but crucial for the keeping your fixture looking great. Here are a few dos and don’ts. 



  • Use a dry lint free cloth 
  • Dust and dry polish (simply rub with a dry cloth no chemicals needed) 
  • Remove glass shades  
  • Handwash glass shades in mild dish detergent 
  • Dry thoroughly with a lint free cloth or allow to air dry until there is NO moisture 



  • Place glass shades or any attachments in the dishwasher 
  • Use any cleaning products including vinegar, glass cleaner, furniture polish, soap, metal polish, ammonia, alcohol, solvents of any kind
  • Put anything on your cloth
  • Use water on the fixture  
  • Place damp shades on fixture 
  • Twist hanging light fixtures (pendants, chandeliers, etc.)  


Astwood Chandelier 

Hanging Fixtures and Sconces 

  1. Remove any removable shades or glass that needs deep cleaning 
  2. Gently wipe the entire fixture. Handwash shades, allow to dry completely and replace them after drying  
  3. Dust your figure regularly and you will only have to perform this task once or twice a year 


Pro Tip: For more elaborate chandeliers with lots of crystals you may need to take the entire chandelier down to clean properly and safely. In this case cut the current off at the circuit breaker. 



Specialty Lighting Care 


Recessed lights 

  1. Cut off current to the room from the circuit breaker 
  2. Remove bulb and use a damp cloth to wipe the recessed area  
  3. Remove bulb and use a damp cloth to wipe down the recessed area and cover.
  4. Dust the bulb with a dry cloth and you’re done  


LED tape lights 

The lights can be easy to care for and essentially need a simple gentle swipe with a lint free cloth or clean duster.  


Cleaning your light fixture is a good reminder to clean your ceiling fan. Remember dusting regularly will go a long way to keeping your lights looking great between cleanings. Follow these steps and keep your light shining brilliantly for years to come. 

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