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3 Ways to Better Organize Your Nightstand

3 Ways to Better Organize Your Nightstand

  • Anna Ham

This month is the perfect time for you to jump start organizing your bedroom, and your nightstand is an easy place to begin. Unfortunately, nightstands are notorious for becoming a “toss all” table, much like the junk drawer in your kitchen. Between a drinking glass, pile of books, and anything else you may have on top of your nightstand, it can be an obstacle course to hit the snooze button in the morning without knocking over your belongings. Here are 3 simple steps for organizing this essential bedroom piece:


Start fresh and clean out everything in your nightstand and on top of it. Once everything is removed, make three piles.

  1. Your first pile will be things you know you can trash or recycle.
  2. The second pile will be your keep pile. Be sure you’re only keeping items you’ll use in bed.
  3. The third and final pile will be for things that you need to keep but place somewhere else. For example, you may have headbands, nail clippers, ponytail holders, or cups that you should put back in its place.

Once you’ve cleaned it out, be sure to wipe out or vacuum the dust or extra crumbs you might have.


Clearing off the top of your nightstand will leave plenty of room for a nighttime drink, a candle, and your phone.

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  1. If you have a smaller table, you should consider another type of lighting like a floor lamp, pendants, or wall sconces instead of a table lamp. This will help make more room and look less cluttered.
  2. Hang your picture frames rather than placing them on the table.
  3. Place floating shelves above your nightstand to help hold books or anything that may be a little bigger and clutter your tabletop.



Most nightstand tables have 2 smaller drawers and a shelf.

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  1. The top drawer should hold whatever you use daily like your charger or charging station, baby monitor, headphones, lotion, medicine, or your Hunter ceiling fan remote.
  2. The middle drawer should hold things you may only use occasionally like personal toiletries, beverage coaster, or a flashlight.
  3. Bottom drawers should be used for larger items you may not use every day (laptops, books, larger devices) or for hobbies you work on before bed- knitting, writing, gaming.

If don’t have a drawer, simply place a decorative basket to give you extra storage.

Once you’ve organized your nightstand, get in the habit of keeping it clean and putting belongings back in their place. You’ll feel happier and well-organized to tackle the rest of your bedroom. Do you plan on reorganizing your nightstand? Let us know by sharing on social!