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60 Inch Ceiling Fan

60 inch ceiling fans from Hunter deliver optimized airflow and style perfect for any room. Shop our 60 inch outdoor ceiling fan and 60 inch ceiling fans with lights!

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Downtown Outdoor 60 inch
  • Regular price$399.99
    Wilder with LED Light 60 inch
  • Regular price$449.99
    60 inch Regalia II with LED light
  • Regular price$169.98$129.98 - $135.99
    Kenilworth with LED 60 in
  • Regular price$199.99$119.99
    Grantham with LED Light 60 inch
  • Regular price$299.99
    1886 Limited Edition 60 inch
  • Regular price$699.99
    Bureau with LED Light 60 inch
  • Regular price$399.99
    Churchwell with LED Light 60 inch
  • Regular price$299.99
    Royal Oak 60 inch
  • $249.99 - $299.99

    When you need dependable power to optimize airflow in a larger space, our 60-inch ceiling fans have the quality to deliver. Built around an advanced motor design for impressive low-noise operation, our fans circulate air effectively but unobtrusively around family rooms, master bedrooms, smaller garages and more.

    60-Inch Ceiling Fans with Light and Remote Control

    Our 60-inch ceiling fan with light selection includes designs with dimmable, energy-efficient LED lights to give you control over your room's ambient lighting levels. Choose a 60-inch ceiling fan with light and remote to control fan speed and adjust lighting from anywhere in the room. These models combine cooling air circulation and lighting with style and convenience for ceiling fans that are as easy to operate as they are effective.

    Year-Round Airflow with 60-Inch Ceiling Fans

    Although our 60-inch ceiling fans are ideal for creating cooling air movement in the summer months, they offer airflow benefits in winter, too. Reverse the ceiling fan motor direction and the angled blades will push warmer air back down from the ceiling, saving on heating bills and providing a more comfortable temperature gradient throughout the room.

    Shop for the right 60-inch ceiling fan at Hunter and you can rely on over a century of manufacturing experience, backed by a lifetime warranty for years of efficient and reliable use.