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The Trak commercial ceiling fan collection is a perfect balance of perfo... Read More about this category
The Trak commercial ceiling fan collection is a perfect balance of performance and modern design. Trak blends elegantly into its surroundings while providing the cooling effect and airflow that commercial spaces need. Show Less about this category

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Trak Outdoor 96 inches 110V

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Trak Outdoor with light 96 inches 110V

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Trak's design includes a commercial grade motor and extruded aluminum blades for a long lifespan, while delivering optimal airflow for larger, open spaces - even those with high ceilings. Trak's 4 blade sizes, compatibility with both 120V and 240V power, and 3 versatile finishes make it a beautiful enhancement to any indoor or outdoor space such as restaurants, meeting areas, patios, fitness centers, and sport facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial ceiling fan?

A commercial ceiling fan is a type of fan specifically designed for use in large, open commercial spaces rather than residential homes. They are typically larger in size, have higher airflow capacity, and are built with durable materials to withstand continuous use. Commercial ceiling fans are used to improve air circulation in these spaces, which can help to reduce energy costs and improve overall comfort levels for employees and customers. The fans in the Trak Collection feature a commercial-grade motor, extruded aluminum blades, and compatibility with 120V and 240V power.

What is industrial design?

Industrial style draws inspiration from industrial spaces such as factories, warehouses, and workshops. This style is characterized by its raw and unfinished look, with metal elements, streamlined profiles, and clean lines. Industrial design is popular for its edgy and modern appeal and is often used in urban spaces and warehouses. Trak ceiling fans offer the industrial aesthetic in Silver, Black, and White color options.

What spaces are best suited for a Trak ceiling fan?

Trak fans are good for large spaces because they have a high airflow capacity, which means they can effectively circulate air in a more open area. Ideal places for these fans include restaurants and their outdoor patios, gyms, and other commercial spaces. The Trak Collection offers models with 60-inch to 96-inch blade spans to fit a variety of large, open areas, both indoors and outdoors.