When you need a ceiling fan with bright lights, TrueLight is here to answer the call. Hunter fans are known for quality, quiet, and a quick breeze, and another key feature for many homeowners is light output. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know which fan will give you the brightness you need for daily life. Hunter’s new TrueLight fans provide ideal light for your living spaces allowing the ceiling fan to be the only light source. Through research, consumers just like you told us about their perfect level of brightness and the applications where it’s most important. In our Innovation Lab we performed countless hours of testing to add TrueLight to a collection of some of our most popular fans.

The Grantham

Available in Matte Silver and Fresh White, this fan’s design is the perfect addition to the home office, the Grantham’s design is the perfect finishing touch for a traditional style room. This fan’s bright lights allow it to shine and provide an even glow as you’re working from home. 

Grantham in Fresh White

The Promenade

The Promenade is perfect for those that want an elegant look for their space. Its decorative tulip pattern provides a beautiful accent, and its bright TrueLight innovation ties it all together. Available in Matte Black and Brittany Bronze, the Promenade is perfect for a family game night in the living room, allowing all of the fun to really shine.

 Promenade in a living room.

The Newsome

The Newsome offers a sophisticated and charming style that is a great fit for those late-night study sessions. It’s 3 bulb light kit will shine, providing an even coverage of bright light when you need it. The Newsome is available in a low-profile design, as well as a Fresh White, and Premier Bronze finish.

Newsome in Brushed Nickel in a living room 

At Hunter Fan Company, we are dedicated to testing and researching what will work best for each of our customers. Everyone deserves a space that they are comfortable in, and TrueLight provides bright, efficient, and even coverage for any space. Get back to what you love doing in the spaces that mean the most to you with TrueLight. 


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