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Tips for cleaning your ceiling fan

  • Anna Ham
Your ceiling fan will collect dust on the blade edges as you run it, and unless you want dust flying around your room you need to be cleaning your ceiling fan blades every week. It might seem daunting, but we have some easy tips for how to clean your ceiling fans.

Best way to clean ceiling fan blades

Nervous about getting dust on your furniture? Lay an old sheet, towel, or drop cloth down when you clean a ceiling fan over the bed or over a couch. Stand on a ladder so your head is above the blades, then slip the pillowcase over each blade and pull it back to trap the dust. Use light pressure while doing this on the ceiling fan blades: Too much pressure could cause the blades to break or go out of balance. Shake off the dust in the pillowcase outside before you wash it. While you're on the ladder, you might as well clean off the other nooks and crannies of the ceiling fan like the glass shades and motor. Use a microfiber cloth to dust off these parts. Use these times when you clean the ceiling fans as a reminder to change the ceiling fan direction. In the warm months, ceiling fans should spin counterclockwise to create the downdraft needed for those cool breezes. In the winter, ceiling fans need to spin clockwise to create updraft to help move warm air trapped near the ceiling downward.

How to clean a ceiling fan without a ladder

Clean your ceiling fan without a ladder by buying an extendable duster with a flexible head. They can extend a few feet high, making it easy to clean out-of-reach ceiling fans without a ladder. There will likely still be a bit of dust that drops down, so be sure to cover any furniture underneath the fan. Many of these extendable dusters also come with a special attachment that will clean both sides of the ceiling fan blade at the same time. These can cost between $15 and $25.


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