Modern bohemian style is loved for its effortless blend of modern elements and vintage pieces. This artistic vibe adds character in your space with rich colors, layered textures, and cozy furniture. Crafting the perfect modern bohemian space is great because you can use your current furniture – whether your style is farmhouse, modern industrial, or mid-century modern. You can create a modern bohemian ambiance by simply adding a few Boho chic accents, such as intricately patterned area rugs or southwestern-style pillows. So, if your home is ready for a reset, break away from the predictable trends with a more free-flowing style. 

Getting started

Hunter Fan's Cassius in Fresh White hanging in a boho porch

Modern bohemian spaces incorporate a variety of colors and textures. As a result, it’s important to start with a neutral base. Paint your walls a crisp white to contrast with the rest of the elements you bring in. Keep this simplistic base going, by bringing in a clean, neutral ceiling fan. The modern Cassius is a super sleek ceiling fan that fits effortlessly above your modern boho décor. The clean lines are the perfect juxtaposition to Boho chic accents, and the tonal look of its matte finishes are all sure to add a modern touch in your overtly expressive space. Plus, this no light fan gives you the freedom to bring in other interesting, bohemian light sources, such as dramatic pendant lights or art-deco inspired sconces. For example, our Hepburn pendant light exudes drama with its glamorous touches, and this fixture’s clean design makes it a perfect addition to bohemian spaces.  

If you’re wanting a more vibrant space, experiment with wallpaper. Anthropologie, for example, boasts many patterned and intricate wall papers, like this geometric print. The hallmark of bohemian style is that you can be as extra as you want. If you want to complement the boldness of your room’s wallpaper, the mid-century modern Cranbrook ceiling fan exudes mid-century modern style that will make you take a second look. Simultaneously vintage and contemporary, this ceiling fan features a large, glossy open hood that complements boho chic design. The mint finish of this fan will seamlessly fit into your redecorated space.  

Bringing in statement pieces

Cactus potted in a wicker basket surrounded by boho styled home accessories

With modern bohemian style spaces, you can get truly eclectic by bringing in a variety of furniture styles. For example, mid-century modern furniture works wonderfully in boho spaces. A sideboard or coffee table are excellent additions that add character. Rattan furniture is another funky way to add personality to your space. This textured furniture exemplifies bohemian style – don’t be afraid to bring in more than one rattan piece.  

Another trademark of modern bohemian design is rugs. Smooth lines and surfaces can be modern and elegant, but if your senses are craving something exciting, layered rugs in different patterns and textures are a great way to spice up a space. If you started with neutral, white walls, rugs give the room a truly eclectic feel. In addition, layering rugs helps define a space within open concept rooms. To achieve this look, layer two boldly patterned rugs or experiment with texture by laying a southwestern pattern rug on top of a sisal rug 

a collage of Bohemian styled rugs

Add a statement fan in your bohemian space like our Rhinebeck with  its beautiful carved wood blades. This fan’s style suits modern boho rooms, and with its 58-inch blade span, it fills out large open-concept spaces wonderfully. Plus, this fan’s finishes complement the colors and textures found throughout bohemian design – which means that this fan will tie your room’s design together.  

Accessorize your space

Bohemian styled wall art hanging against a white wall. A picture of leaves hanging on the top left with a shelf beneath it with little knick-knacks inside.

Once you’ve finished your room’s base and brought in boho furniture, it is time to complete the space with some artistic accents. Bohemian style embraces artsy décor and wall decorations, and with this style, you really can’t have enough knickknacks. For artwork, work in an oversized modern painting and lean it up against a wall instead of hanging it. Or bring the rattan theme back with wall baskets. Cover your walls with personality by adding simple textures in soft colors, like a detailed macramé tapestry to display on a feature wall. Use picture ledges to display a blend of boho-inspired watercolor artwork. 

Rhinebeck fan in Noble Bronze, hanging in a modern loft space.

Don’t forget to bring in plenty of pillows and blankets to make your space even cozier. Introduce interesting patterns and pops of saturated color to create a look that is fun and laid back. Work these patterns in throughout the space for an eclectic room that is warm and inviting. Use your modern bed frame and keep the bedding neutral; add some pillows or a blanket in southwestern patterns to bring a boho vibe to your bedroom. In the living room, pair a batik throw with a Peruvian-inspired Alpaca pillow for an interesting blend of global and modern influences.  

If lively patterns are too much for you, opt for a more understated boho chic style by applying textures and natural tones instead. Dress up your greenery planters with macramé hangers.  

Overall, a well-rounded, bohemian design keeps your eye moving around the room. Whether you’re adorning your ceiling with a statement ceiling fan or accessorizing your couch with textured pillows, it is important to embrace maximalism with modern bohemian design. Play with natural finishes, rich hues, diverse patterns and plush textiles for an imaginative, boho look. Then sprinkle them in with some modern classics. Create your mecca of modern sophistication with subtle hints of boho flair. 

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