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Modern boho design creates a casual, elevated style room

  • Anna Ham
Intricately patterned area rugs can be bring a bohemian touch to modern rooms with muted tones. Add pillows with southwestern patterns to a mid-century modern sofa. Create a statement wall with a global print wallpaper. Consider including rattan in unique applications like poufs and armless side chairs. Work in an oversized modern painting and lean it up against a wall instead of hanging it. The beauty of modern bohemian design is that you can use your current furniture and still make it work, whether your style is farmhouse, modern industrial, or mid-century inspired. You can create a modern bohemian ambiance by simply adding a few Boho chic accents. Variety is the spice of life for the modern boho interior. Introduce interesting patterns and pops of saturated color to create a look that is fun yet laid back. Work these patterns in throughout the space for an eclectic room that is warm and inviting. Use your modern bed frame and keep the white bedding; add some pillows or a blanket in southwestern patterns to bring a boho vibe to your bedroom. Pair a batik throw with a Peruvian-inspired Alpaca pillow for an interesting blend of global and modern influences. If lively patterns are too much for you, opt for a more understated boho chic style by applying textures and natural tones instead. Complement the clean lines of a Nelson Bench with knotted throw pillows. Dress up your white modern planters with macramé hangers. Add a modern ceiling fan that puts out a boho chic vibe, like the Bennett transitional ceiling fan. A modern matte black finish, smoky globe light glass, and striking Edison-style bulb create an eclectic style. Dimmable lighting allows you to command the right mood—from relaxed to energized on a whim. The Southern Living Idea House 2018 used the Bennett black ceiling fan in the sunroom, complementing the room’s global décor. A super-sleek fan with a calming presence, the Cassius modern ceiling fan without light fits effortlessly above your modern boho decor. The clean lines are the perfect complement to Boho chic accents. The tonal look of the matte black, silver, bronze and fresh white are all sure to add a modern touch in your overtly expressive space. Create a more casual look with this modern ceiling fan by using the wood inspired reverse blade side finish. The room can keep your attention while Cassius keeps the air flowing. Smooth lines and surfaces can be modern and elegant, but if your senses are craving something exciting try layering rugs in different patterns and textures. It gives a modern space with white walls and plain floors an eclectic, casual appeal. How you layer rugs is a reflection of your style: Layer two boldly patterned rugs or experiment with texture by layering a southwestern pattern rug on top of a sisal rug. Layering rugs also helps define a space within open concept rooms. The Cranbrook mid-century modern ceiling fan - especially installed with its sleek low-profile mount - exudes one-of-a-kind style that will make you take a second look. Simultaneously vintage and contemporary, this modern ceiling fan features a large glossy open hood for a look that is the perfect complement to boho chic design. The Cranbrook’s modern design was influenced by mid-century furniture, so it’s made to fit right in with modern bohemian spaces.

Fashionable textiles don’t have to take a seat on the floor. Cover your walls with personality by adding simple textures in soft colors, like a detailed macramé tapestry to display on a feature wall. Use picture ledges to display a blend of boho inspired watercolor artwork and mid-century inspired wood art in various sizes. A well rounded design keeps your eye moving around the room: Add a ceiling fan to complete the look and add more cozy comfort.

If your home is ready for a reset, break away from the predictable norms with a more free-flowing style. Blending bohemian and modern styles together in a room for an updated and imaginative look. Play with natural finishes, neutral hues, rich patterns and plush textiles. Then sprinkle them in with some modern classics. Create your mecca of modern sophistication with subtle hints of boho flair.