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Huntervention™: Modern Game Room

  • Hannah Pittman

Hunter and Caroline recently purchased their first home as a married couple! Since moving in they have made strides to make the home their own but have lacked motivation for one of their upstairs spaces. Hunter (love the name, by the way :-) ) uses this room as a game room and home office for working from home. Prior to our Huntervention, it housed his computer, old desk, a few shelves for office supplies, and a fan that wasn’t cooling the room as desired.

“Our air conditioner is not quite as good upstairs so I’m really excited about having a nice fan up there.”

-Hunter (homeowner)


Prior to our project, this room lacked inspiration and just needed a little TLC. While the previous ceiling fan was low profile, it still wasn't compact enough for the room. Hunter mentioned that he usually always bumped his head on the globe or pull chains when walking under the fan. The decor was sporadic and needed a dedicated theme.

Our team was very excited to create a theme for this room and execute our plans!

What We Did

The inspiration for this room was the Advocate Ultra Low-Profile ceiling fan. With the room having 8-foot ceilings, we knew we needed one of our fans that fit flush to the ceiling to make the most use of the space. Since Hunter is tech-savvy and appreciates advanced technology and appliances, we knew he would love a WiFi® fan. Naturally, we chose one of our favorites in the SIMPLEconnect® collection. The Advocate Low Profile is sleek, modern, and very tech-friendly! We chose the Matte Nickel finish and planned the rest of the room transformation around this statement piece.

Advocate Hunter low profile ceiling fan that works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant

Geometric Accent Wall

Our team has been excited about doing an accent wall during one of our Huntervention projects! We sorted through the many design inspirations on Pinterest and decided on a geometric accent wall made simply with painters tape and paint.


Tip: Make sure your current wall color is the color that you want your ‘stripes’ to be. If you want the stripes to be a different color than their current hue, then it is best to go ahead and paint the full wall your color of choice.

  • Clean/dust your wall(s). You want the painter’s tape to stick well and never want to paint over a dirty surface. Grab a quick dusting tool or simply a wet paper towel and wipe down the wall before starting the next step.
  • Painter’s tape. Grab your painter’s tape and go crazy! Your desired design will determine the pattern in which you place your tape. There are TONS of ways to get creative with the layout and design of your wall. Whether you choose a sporadic method or rely heavily on your tape measurer – we know it will turn out great!

Tip: The thickness of your stripes depends on the width of your painter’s tape. Be sure you measure and nail down your desired look! (FYI: We used 1 ¼ inch tape for this accent wall.)

  • Get to painting! If you plan on painting each shape the same color the easiest method is to use a roller. Before you get to rolling, be sure to paint the trim of the wall to ensure that the roller doesn’t get paint on the connecting walls. If you are planning on mixing up your paint selection based on the shape placement, we suggest using a normal brush or small roller.
  • Let it dry. Be sure to let your paint dry for a while. If your paint calls for a second coat, do that as instructed. If one coat will do the trick, transfer your focus briefly to other tasks while you allow the paint to dry before carrying out the final step.
  • The fun part! After you’ve given your paint time to dry, it is time for the reveal! Choose your starting point and slowly begin pulling the tape from the wall. It’s quite satisfying!

That’s it! A geometric accent wall is a quick and easy way to add a lot of visual impact to your space.

The team finished this Huntervention by putting together a desk , desk chair, and book shelf and decorating with knick-knacks and four vintage posters. The furniture and accessories that we chose for the room all hold similar design elements – clean modern lines. While the Advocate ceiling fan provided inspiration for the space, we wanted to be sure to continue the theme throughout Hunter’s office.

Wrapping up these projects is fun and rewarding for the Hunter team. We put the final touches on the room and reveal the transformed space to the home owner. Their reactions are always the best and make our hard work all worth it!

Hunter loved his new office and can’t believe how quickly we made the room look like a brand-new space! He shared that our changes made the room seem much bigger and created a more pleasant space for gaming and working from home. As a tall guy with low ceilings, Hunter loved that he could walk under this fan and not graze the top of his head on the light kit!

“This is a much more inviting atmosphere now. Definitely a lot cooler.” – Hunter

Hunter’s wife, Caroline, got home from work in time for us to catch her reaction. She loved the room and said she would hang out in the space now that it was so much more pleasant!

“This is a completely different room!” -Caroline

In a matter of hours our team transformed a room that lacked inspiration and created a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for Hunter and Caroline. We enjoy these transformations and hope we relay how easy it can be to update your space with a Hunter ceiling fan and a few quick refreshes!