How to clean a ceiling fan without a ladder

How to clean a ceiling fan without a ladder

  • Anna Ham

Cleaning your ceiling fan can seem like an easy chore to blow off: The ceiling fan is up high, and no one probably notices the dust while the fan is spinning anyway, right? Well, while the fan rotates, it collects dust on the blade edges, meaning as it spins the dust is likely floating around your room too. Because the fan is high off the floor it may seem like a hassle to dust, but we have tips for how to clean a ceiling fan without a ladder.

How to clean a ceiling fan you can’t reach

The easiest way to clean a ceiling fan without a ladder is by using an extendable duster with a flexible head. They can extend a few feet high, which makes it easy to clean out-of-reach ceiling fans. There will likely still be a bit of dust that drops down, so cover any furniture underneath the fan as needed.

Some extendable dusters come with a special attachment that can make dusting both sides of the ceiling fan blade at the same time a breeze. These can cost between $15 and $25.

How to clean a ceiling fan with a pillowcase

If you have lower ceilings and are able to safely reach your ceiling fan blades without a ladder (maybe needing a step stool at most), a pillowcase is an easy way to dust the ceiling fan blades.

Place the open end of the pillowcase over the blade. Wipe the bottom and top of the blade off by gently sliding the pillowcase toward you. However, do not put a lot of pressure on the blade while wiping them off! This method helps keep the dust contained in the pillowcase.

For added measure, lightly spray the inside of the pillowcase with water or a gentle cleaning solution. Its added cleaning power and can help with keeping any excess dust from flying off. If you have allergies sensitive to dust, you may want to cover your mouth and nose off just in case.

Don’t forget to empty the dust from the pillow case before you wash it! Otherwise, everything else you wash with that pillowcase will have dust on it, too.

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