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How to add a pop of color to your room

  • Sarah Villane

Adding a pop of color to your room is an easy, cost effective way to update your living spaces. Simply adding color to your rooms can help freshen it up and feel like an entire room make over. Like with choosing a colorful tie for a tan suit or a bold necklace with a patterned dress, you’ll want to be purposeful when adding a pop of color.

Choose a color scheme

The easiest way to choose a color scheme for your room is to use colors from the largest pattern in your room, whether it’s the curtains, a rug, or the wallpaper. Keep it simple and easy to manage by choosing three colors from there and be thoughtful with how much you use them. We recommend the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of the room features the dominant color, 30% is a secondary color, and 10% is an accent color. 

 Hepburn installed in bedroom

Image via Instagram Jessicae.walker

If you’re looking to experiment more with color and get creative, look for inspiration in places like Design Seeds or Sherwin Williams’s color personality tool. 

Pop of color for neutral living rooms

Home style trends have been centered around neutral color palettes for a while – whites, greys, natural and woven textiles, rustic wood finishes. It’s basically a clean slate! Add some warmth and personality to your neutral living rooms with a pop of color, whether it’s a statement wall color or colorful accent pillows.  


Indigo blue and earthy greens are easy, subtle pops of color in neutral living rooms. We love these colors in farmhouse style living rooms because the outdoor inspired hues complement the natural wood finishes. Metallics are another beautiful way to add a subtle pop of color in neutral rooms: They’re neutral as well but add just enough intrigue to break up the monochromatic look in your living room. 

Colorful ceiling fans 

Gone are the days of your grandma’s ceiling fan – today’s stylish ceiling fans feature updated forms and fresh colors. Colorful ceiling fans are an easy way to add personality to your space. Keep it subtle with a pastel hue like a mint green fan or go bold with a bright red fan 

 Mill Valley- Indigo Blue ceiling fan

Indigo Blue and Blush Pink finishes perfectly accent the whimsical design of the Valda fan and look playful in kids' rooms. Blue ceiling fans also help keep a calming yet inspiring ambiance in home offices. Colorful fans with patterned blades like the Spider Rock or Canyonlands make a truly unique statement (and can serve as the inspiration for your room’s color scheme). 

Paint ideas for your front door

Choose a pop of color for your front door to add curb appeal to your home. Keep it subtle by going with a hue inspired by nature like navy, slate blue, or sage green. Use teal or coral to add a bright yet inviting pop of color. If you choose to do a bright front door color, keep the rest of your front porch décor understated and neutral. 


Another painted door trend we’re seeing: Paint the inside of your front door a pop of color to add interest to your entryway. Keep the outside a neutral, traditional front door color and paint the inside of it blush pink or navy. 

Colorful accent wall ideas

Painting an accent wall takes minimal time and paint but makes a big different in your space. Make sure it doesn’t look like a blank, colored wall – make it purposeful! Add artwork or family photos gallery wall style. Paint furring strips in the same color or a metallic color and make a pattern on the wall. 


 Accent wall idea with mirror

When adding a pop of color to your neutral rooms, remember to make it your own! Think about how fashion and style icons add their own personality to their looks: Use your ideas and room’s new color to let your personality shine in your space.