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Guest blogger: Old home; new fan <h1 itemprop="headline">Guest blogger: Old home; new fan</h1>
Kaitlin K. Keegan

Kaitlin Keegan and her husband just moved into their first home and are tackling the 1920s fixer upper one room at a time. When she’s not searching for the latest bargains in clothes, lifestyle and home decor she’s probably got a paintbrush in her hand and a sander in the other working on the never-ending tasks of an old house. Follow her adventures in home, fashion and travel on her Instagram, @kaitlinkeegan.

Finding our home

Our house hunting journey was a long one! Over a year of open houses, viewings, tours and countless hours spent in the car and with our realtor before we finally found what we were looking for! House hunting in general is tough, but in New Jersey with a super quick turnaround in the areas we were looking, it was a task.

After talking it over for a while, my husband and I decided that our best bet was to look for a bit of a fixer upper to make our own - and that’s what we did! We trusted our realtor to take us a bit farther than the area we were originally looking in and to find a bit older home (100 years young!), but one that had almost everything that we needed on our house hunting checklist (minus the work we’re doing!). We put our offer in, and it was accepted! That’s when our work began.

before image of a room renovation with a Hunter Ceiling fan

Buying an old home

One thing about buying an older home is doing the routine updates the previous homeowners didn’t!

Our first line of business was the kitchen - replacing countertops, doing some painting and switching out some appliances. Second was changing some of the electrical around and changing the switches and outlets. Totally something that you never think about, but that makes a big impact when it’s updated!

Third, and probably the most important, was adding central air conditioning. You might not think it, but New Jersey summers are super hot and humid, so this one was a non-negotiable for me! However, with an older home, we ran into some issues. Finding a way to fit central air ducts in small places and walls that had to be broken was tough - especially since we didn’t plan on tackling some of the rooms like that until later. Fortunately, we met with a company that was able to install it in our two top floors - but that left our main living floor central air conditioning free (something we’re definitely doing next year) for this summer.

Thankfully, we had a few window units that kept it cool, but they didn’t really keep the air circulating. And, if you can tell judging by the photos, the original fan that came with the house wasn’t doing us any favors. That’s when I started looking at Hunter Fan Company! I love how sleek and modern the pieces are, while still being functional. When I saw the Bureau, I immediately knew it was what I pictured for the family room, and just what we needed to keep ourselves cool and air moving around!

Hunter Bureau modern ceiling fan with marble glass and LED light

Why we chose our Hunter fan

For our home, we’ve gotten a lot of our inspiration from the homes and wineries that we saw on our trips to Napa Valley. We love the color palates and overall laidback look of everything while we are out there, so we’ve taken a lot of that into consideration while renovating.

With this look - it’s all about adding modern with rustic, while keeping a earthy neutral vibe. For this, we’ve chosen to add a lot of black and wood accents, with colors like sage and cream to compliment them.

The Bureau was the perfect addition to our family room - with it’s chic matte black base and brass additions it stands out in the best way! Not mentioning how we love the marble in the light which compliments the veining in our countertops.

Installation was also a breeze. My husband and father set it up and were both so impressed by how easy it was - they could have sworn they would have had to do more - especially in an older home where everything takes just a littttttle bit longer. Overall, we love it and are already plotting other places that we can add a Hunter Fan Company! I’ve got my eye on the low profile Minimus fans to add to our guest rooms and master!

A huge thank you to Hunter Fan Company for making beautiful fans that are not only amazing at what they do, but are the perfect addition to any home - new or old!

Bureau ceiling fan in a living room