Our friend, Carol, hadn't considered installing a ceiling fan in her kitchen. Today, she is the proud owner of the new Minimus ceiling fan and agrees with us that fans in your kitchen are a M U S T.

Carol Smith

Carol Smith is a newly married thirty year old that is making her house a home with her husband, one project at a time. She owns and runs an online and pop-up women’s boutique called Simply Smith. Follow along as she tackles DIY projects, styles her home, and dishes on life as an entrepreneur. Connect with Carol on Instagram @asimplystyledlife and her blog A Simply Styled Life. 

"Moving into our first home was overwhelming in all the best ways. We were starting our adventure as a married couple and truly feeling like we were “adulting” for the first time. As a big dreamer, I was coming up with tons of DIY projects that would make our house feel like a home. We were very lucky in that while we were in the buying process, the previous owner let us pick out a few features in our kitchen that they were already planning on updating. When we moved in, we had this beautifully updated kitchen. As the months went on, we added more of our personal touches to the kitchen. We survived adding new cabinet hardware and a subway tile backsplash. After finishing the subway tile, there was one thing left on our to-do list – the light fixture. We had a horrible, generic, long, fluorescent light fixture. Luckily, our house has great natural light so we did not resort to relying on the old light fixture. However, it did made things tricky at night!

Lowprofile minimus in a kitchen

We knew we wanted something clean and sharp to match our kitchen. One day, while visiting with my parents in their kitchen, it clicked. We needed a fan in our kitchen. Growing up, we always had a ceiling fan in our kitchen. I knew that is exactly what we needed in this house as well!

Side note: One time, my dad was making homemade pizza dough. Trying to entertain me, he threw the pizza dough up in the air just like they do in the movies. My mom walked in the room just as my dad tossed the dough a little too high causing the pizza to hit the fan and fly onto my mother. Moral of the story: if you want to make homemade pizza dough - consider briefly turning off your fan!

Kitchen with low profile Minimus fan

I told my husband that a ceiling fan is exactly what we needed in the kitchen. I knew it would work wonders on the days that we have planned to entertain friends and family. Having the stove and oven on with several bodies running around can create a lot of hot air! Think of those days when you are hosting a party and trying to finish cooking the last few things as your first few guests show up. They come stand in your kitchen to talk. It gets hot. A ceiling fan makes such a difference in those scenarios! I also reminded my husband of the day I burnt bacon and the kitchen was full of smoke and an awful smell. We don’t have a window to help air out the room from the occasional burnt meal. (Cut me some slack, I’m a newlywed and still learning to cook!) I knew a ceiling fan would help so much with circulating the air (and the smell).

My husband said that he had not thought about a ceiling fan as an option for the kitchen but after explaining my list of 'whys', he saw my point. His only concern was that he didn’t want the fixture hanging too low or having chains that would graze peoples' heads. Most rooms in our house already have Hunter fans so we already knew we trusted the quality of their product. When we began working with Hunter to determine the best fan for our kitchen, we shared our concerns and they told us not to worry and that they had the perfect option for our space.

Enter the Minimus ceiling fan. This fan is so sleek and so sharp. As my grandmother would say, "it looks smart!" The all white fixture blends naturally into our kitchen. It is also compact, and doesn’t hang low. There are no dangling strings to pull in order to turn the light on or change the speed of the fan. There is a very convenient remote control for that! We can use it to turn the light on, change the speeds, and change the direction of the fan blades. The fan is quiet and energy efficient. The light is LED and perfectly soft. I LOVE turning on the light now, as opposed to the previous light fixture.

Let’s face it. We live in the south where heat and humidity love each other. I love efficiency and a ceiling fan is exactly that. It provides light and keeps me cool. Hunter fans are a winner in my book!"

John Hunter quote: If you can't stand the heat, get a Hunter fan.

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