The family that plays together stays together. In the last year, in-person and especially virtual game nights became a way for us to stay connected with family and friends. A designated game room is the perfect space for playing board games with your kids or hosting a virtual video game night. When the fun gets started, so does the heated competition. A game room ceiling fan is a great way to keep things cool and express your style with a functional design element. We offer a variety of stylish game room ceiling fans to cool down the competitive egos while giving your gaming center flair. 

For the techy game room: the Signal smart ceiling fan 

Amazon Alexa with Hunter Signal ceiling fan in the background

The modern Signal ceiling fan is a part of our SIMPLEconnect® Wi-Fi® collection, which makes it one of the top ceiling fans for a game room. It works with smart home applications like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant, so you can ask your smart device to turn on the game room fan while it checks challenged words or trivia answers during your game night. This fan’s rustic finishes and industrial details complement other masculine design details often found in large game rooms, like leather recliners and detailed billiards tables. Plus, its LED light keeps your poker and pool tables bright.  


For casual game rooms: the Loki casual ceiling fan 

Loki Hunter ceiling fan

Available in a variety of finishes, the Loki's modern design adds a subtle statement to game rooms. The included pull chains make it easy to operate the fan or turn on the LED light as your board game stretches into the night. The Loki comes in 36-inch and 52-inch blade spans, making it the perfect game room ceiling fan for smaller basements or large open concept spaces. With the Loki’s variety of finishes and blades, you can complete your game room regardless of its style. 

For outdoor game rooms: the Cassius outdoor ceiling fan 

Hunter Cassius Ceiling fan

For outdoor game nights, try the Cassius modern ceiling fan. This damp-rated ceiling fan is made to continue performing while being exposed to humidity on a covered patio. An outdoor ceiling fan like the Cassius creates a cool breeze while also keeping the bugs away. The Cassius’s white finish works with modern-style outdoor game rooms while the black finish fits seamlessly into farmhouse game room patios. During humid nights when you’re playing corn hole, the Cassius acts as the perfect game room ceiling fan. With the Cassius, you can keep the summer fun going while you’re enjoying the outdoors. 

For beach-themed game rooms: the Amaryllis tropical ceiling fan 

amaryllis outdoor ceiling fan

If your space embraces coastal decor, the Amaryllis is the natural pick for a game room ceiling fan. Its modern, leaf-inspired blade design and casual finishes offer a fresh take on the tropical ceiling fan and bring together beach-style game rooms in a refreshing way. Plus, since it’s equipped with our SureSpeed® Guarantee, the Amaryllis delivers on that beach-worthy breeze. Keep your gaming group relaxed and cool under this tropical fan while your board game action gets heated.   

For the vintage-inspired game rooms: the versatile Ronan ceiling fan.   

Hunter Ronan modern caged indoor ceiling fan

With its wire-form brass cage surrounding an antique-style LED Edison light bulb, the Ronan adds a touch of nostalgia to vintage game rooms. The metallic detailing complements pool tables and old school pinball machines, making it the ideal game room fan in retro-inspired spaces. Plus, the Ronan’s 52-inch blade span make it a statement in any large game rooms.  

Along with a game room ceiling fan, make sure you’re also considering other design elements in the space. Use cabinets and storage benches to organize board games and movies. For movie buffs, consider a big screen TV or even a projector.  


Whether you’re looking to complete a modern or vintage game room, Hunter has you covered with a variety of game room ceiling fans. Check out our buying guide or chat with our interior design consultant for more help choosing the right game room ceiling fan.  

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