Slate and copper

Living room with the Satin Copper Hepburn
Living room with the Satin Copper Hepburn

Copper is a big trend in 2022, and we’re loving how it pops against slate finishes. Slate flooring or a white rug with dark, slate detailing coupled with a bright, white wall and copper accents makes for a fresh, modern look. An easy way to add metallic accents to your rooms is with small accessories like a round mirror over your fireplace or vases. A ceiling fan like the Norden that features Satin Copper finishes is another great way to incorporate this trend. In open concept spaces, use a ceiling fan such as the Hepburn with Satin Copper in the living space and the complementary Matte White Hepburn light fixtures in the neighboring kitchen and dining area.


built ins with shiplap from
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Get creative with storage, especially in small living rooms! Built in bookshelves are a great place to store books as well as add decorative elements like picture frames and artwork. Install floating shelves and cubes help keep items out of reach of your little ones. Opt for ottomans that double as storage – like what we used in the Dorothy Day House’s Huntervention - are great for quickly hiding away kids’ toys and blankets while also providing additional seating.


a plant in a corner

Plants are a quick, inexpensive way to add color and personality in your living room. Chinese evergreens, Monstera, and palms are some of the best low-light indoor plants to add to an unused corner in your living room. Add a decorative element by planting them in a Mid-Century inspired planter or a basket. Use smaller plants like Panda Plant, Fittonia, and Peperomia in white or terracotta planters as an accent on side tables or in some of those floating shelves you hung. Have a brown thumb? Try snake grass, it’s colorful and almost un-killable. Plants will instantly make your space feel nice and refreshed.


Living room layout illustration
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Especially if you host a lot of game nights or parties, living room layout is key. You’ll want to consider the traffic flow from various doorways and other destinations in your living room like the fireplace or bar cart. You’ll also need to determine your focal point whether that’s the TV or the fireplace. Save yourself some time moving furniture by drawing out your living room layout or use an online tool like Plan Your Room to make sure everything flows and fits.

Keep it simple

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Coco Chanel’s styling advice for accessories can be applied to your living room, too: Keep it simple! The easiest way to style your living room decor is to work with a neutral palette as your base (whites, grays, slate, warm browns, washed wood finishes) and add in pops of colors with your accent pieces like textured pillows, picture frames, and patterned ceiling fans. By keeping the accent pieces as your pops of colors, you can easily (and fairly inexpensively) swap them out as your style or trends change.

Don’t forget about your ceiling!

Up close of the Hepburn in Satin Copper
Image from @abeautifulmess

You may have living room furniture, pillows, plants, and artwork that highlight your style and personality, but when you and your guests look around the room…. you don’t want to look up to see a dull ceiling. A ceiling fan or light fixture is the finishing touch in your stylish living room! They enhance the style while helping with lighting or airflow needs in your space. If you need more ways to improve your ceilings, check out this blog.

By refreshing your living room with just a few changes you can instantly add a new look to your space. Are you going to update your space? We love seeing your Hunter inspired spaces! Tag us on Instagram @hunterfanco, you could be featured on our page!

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