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Chandelier Ceiling Fans

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Add instant illumination plus powerful air circulation for increased comfort with a ceiling fan chandelier from Hunter. Browse chandelier ceiling fans with lights to enhance the function and aesthetic of your space. We carry chandelier ceiling fans in multiple sizes, styles, and price points to accommodate your preferences and budget. Get the best of elegant design and optimum cooling power from your ceiling fan with chandelier from Hunter. Shop our stunning chandelier ceiling fan collection to find yours today. Less
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What’s better than a chandelier and ceiling fan? A ceiling fan with chandelier-style lights in one fine fixture! Get the best of beautiful design and superior cooling power with the perfect chandelier ceiling fan from Hunter. Our chandelier-inspired fans add a touch of elegance to any space to reflect your sophisticated taste. We conduct extensive testing on each of our masterpieces, so you can expect unrivaled quality with your chic ceiling fan chandelier design. Discover the high-performance power and upscale style available in our full chandelier fan selection.


What is a Fandelier?

So, you need to install a ceiling fan into your space, but you love chandeliers. Fortunately, we have the solution for you. A fandelier is a ceiling fan with or without lighting that is made to look like a chandelier. They’re both beautiful and functional – the fan sits in the center of the chandelier and is designed to offer a cooling system without detracting from the chic ambiance of your room.


Chandelier Ceiling Fan Styles

Inspired by the stunning features of eye-catching chandeliers, our selection of chandelier ceiling fans offers optimal cooling without sacrificing aesthetic. We offer a variety of fandelier styles, ranging from traditional to modern to complement your home's décor. If you prefer a more modern industrial flair, choose a chandelier-inspired fan with sleek metal construction and hardware for visual interest. Add modern appeal and a clean silhouette with a 3-blade fan or keep things classic by opting for a chandelier ceiling fan with carved wooden blades and polished details. No matter which type of chandelier-style fan speaks to you most, here at Hunter, you always get state-of-the-art performance and top-of-the-line construction.

Chandelier Fan Sizes

When selecting the right fan size, consider the room's dimensions and features to create harmony without overwhelming the space. Ideally, your chandelier fan should hang at least eight to ten feet above the floor for best performance. We have chandelier-inspired fans in multiple sizes to accommodate any room layout or shape. In large rooms, a fan with longer blades cools more efficiently, while a small fandelier provides sufficient airflow in compact spaces. Many of our fan mounting systems let you hang your fan in three different positions to accommodate standard, low profile, or angled mounting.


Chandelier Fan Sizes with Lights

Decorative chandelier fans with lights combine the benefit of traditional light kits with the best airflow circulation. By performing two important functions, a chandelier-style ceiling fan with lights saves valuable living space that might otherwise be overwhelmed by unnecessary light fixtures or floor lamps. Update any room with a fandelier featuring a built-in light kit to create instant illumination and a welcoming environment. Because of its lower energy consumption and increased lifespan, LED lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners. Many of our ceiling fans with chandelier lights come equipped with dimmable LED light bulbs and the ability to adjust the light output, so you can set the ideal ambiance in the room. Add a hand-held remote for a convenient way to control the fan's speed and lighting with the touch of a button.


Each of our expertly crafted ceiling fans delivers superb airflow with whisper-quiet performance. Bring comfort and beauty to your home by shopping Hunter's line of fandelier combos today.