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For large spaces like warehouses, manufacturing plants and commercial offices, choose Hunter’s 96 inch ceiling fan to circulate fresh air. Shop now! Less

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  • HFC-96 Outdoor 96 inch

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When you need to optimize the airflow in a large space, our 96-inch fan designs can handle the task with ease. Powered by a low-speed, ultra-low noise motor, they're built to efficiently move fresh air around commercial offices, manufacturing plants, retail outlets, warehouses and many other large areas.

96-Inch Ceiling Fan Models with Lights and Remotes

Fitted with energy efficient LED light bulbs, our fans improve the visual atmosphere of a space as well as the air quality. Most 96 inch ceiling fan with light models let you easily control both light levels and fan speed via remote, offering convenience as well as airflow enhancement.

96-Inch Fans for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Choose a model with full wet-rating to enjoy the power of our 96-inch fan designs in outdoor spaces from pergolas to patios, or in high-moisture rooms like bathrooms and sunrooms. Use the same fans indoors, or spring for a different model to complement your interior design.

Our ceiling fans aren't only for fresh air circulation in summer. During the colder months, simply reverse the fan motor power to push rising warm air back down into the room, cutting your heating bills and creating a comfortable temperature throughout the room.

As with all our fans, our 96-inch models benefit from our 130 years of manufacturing experience and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.