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72 Inch Ceiling Fan

Hunter 72 inch ceiling fans deliver optimized airflow and style for large rooms. Shop 72 inch ceiling fan with light and 72 inch outdoor ceiling fans!

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HFC-72 Outdoor 72 inch
  • Regular price$799.99

    Create a more comfortable experience in your favorite large spaces by shopping the collection of 72-inch ceiling fans at Hunter. Explore fan models for your open floor plan, great room and garage as well as spacious outdoor living areas, like your covered porch, patio or sunroom. Find the right 72-inch ceiling fan to upgrade the look and feel of your space with quality designs for long-lasting performance.

    72-Inch Ceiling Fans with Lights

    Illuminate otherwise darker spaces with a 72-inch ceiling fan with lights. Look for models featuring bright LED lighting that produces lower energy consumption and offers a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

    Ceiling Fans without Lights

    If your space already gets ample lighting from other natural or artificial sources, you may not need additional light from your ceiling fan. In this case, choose a fan that offers the same quality performance in a sleek, light-free design.

    72-Inch Fans for Outdoor Use

    Our 72-inch outdoor ceiling fan selection features durable construction with stainless steel hardware that resists rust when exposed to moisture and humidity. When shopping for the best 72-inch outdoor ceiling fan for your space, choose from damp-rated options for partially covered areas and wet-rated options for more open areas where the fan might come into direct contact with the elements. As a bonus, all of our 72-inch outdoor ceiling fans can be used indoors, too.

    Get increased comfort year-round by browsing the array 72-inch ceiling fans at Hunter now.