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West Palm Beach Media Experience

  • Hannah Pittman

The Hunter team took on a Huntervention in Palm Beach, FL! This year we worked with a local homeowner of an Airbnb® to refresh and update the spaces in her home. To gain consumer insights and share our updates with some of social media’s favorites, we invited seven influencers to tag along on our journey. From several fan installations to the B E S T grilled cheeses, the team worked together to complete this project, and enjoyed a lot of laughs and brainstorm sessions along the way.


Day 1

We hit the ground running. On this day, we unloaded the truck and got to work!

(Prior to the trip we received photos of the house, made inspiration boards for each room, and ordered {almost} everything the Airbnb needed!)

Before we could begin making our design changes, we removed the old furniture and uninstalled the old ceiling fans. These items weren’t horrible – we just had something better in mind. After clearing out much of the space, we began unloading the U-Haul®, unpacking boxes, and assembling furniture. Although we ordered most of the items prior to the trip, the team still had to make a few quick shopping trips to various stores in the area.

Before fans
Hunter team working on Palm Beach

While the team worked hard updating each room in the house, our bloggers were arriving to Palm Beach eager to get started! We wrapped up at the house and met the seven bloggers for dinner to discuss our design thoughts, inspiration, and current trends. After dinner we headed back to our hotels and rested up for the rest of the weekend!

Day 2

Things are coming together nicely at the Airbnb! We met back at the home in the morning to install the fans and get the kitchen fan synced to an Amazon Alexa smart home device. Every room we designed was inspired by the chosen ceiling fan for the space. The rooms came together one fan blade at a time. As we finished final touches in the home, the bloggers began arriving to take part in the reveal.

After a brief period of brunching and much anticipation, we unveiled the Huntervention to the group and their reactions could not have been better!

Bloggers at fam event

The living room was decorated with several Southwestern design pieces and tied together with a Pendleton Spider Rock ceiling fan. The fan wasn’t the only Pendleton touch – we decorated much of this room and other pieces of the home with some of our favorite Pendleton products!

living room in Airbnb
Kitchen Airbnb - advocate simpleconnect fan

Flowing into the kitchen, we installed one of our latest products. The Ultra-Low-Profile Advocate in Fresh White is the perfect fan for smaller spaces and gives a clean, crisp appeal. This SIMPLEconnect® fan is great for kitchen spaces, just tell Alexa to “turn on ceiling fan” for when your hands are too busy cooking!



Loki ceiling fan in coastal bedroom

If you live in West Palm Beach, the coastal look is a must-have! We designed the master bedroom with a coastal-glam style. Placing our Loki 52-inch fan with its stunning Polished Nickel finish in this space was a no-brainer. The fan radiates simplicity in the most glamorous way.


New Norden ceiling fan

The guest bedroom was inspired by the Scandinavian styled Norden ceiling fan. This unique ceiling fan with Satin Copper finish has subtle pink blades made of real feather wood and can be purchased in two other finishes. The copper accessories and blushes throughout the room complemented the Norden very well!


Patrick, our lead designer, explained the inspiration and innovation behind each fan and answered any questions that our guests had. The ladies loved snapping pictures of the rooms and sharing them with their devoted followers!

After the tour, the ladies were broken into groups and proposed with a trend shopping challenge! The goal of this challenge was to task each blogger with the opportunity to create a new finish extension for their favorite Hunter fan. We left the Airbnb and traveled to Restoration Hardware, national chain and a Palm Beach favorite known for home décor and much more. The elevated styles in the store got the team’s creative juices flowing making it a perfect location for our trend challenge. While strolling through the store, our lead designer, Patrick O’Connell, pointed out the many ways the team draws design inspiration. After Restoration Hardware we visited a few local interior design havens and worked with the bloggers to brainstorm ways our fan designs can reach new heights.

Next, the team met back at the Airbnb and continued the challenge by flipped through magazines and cutting out their favorite design elements. The ladies then assembled their creative thoughts onto a small bulletin and presented their ideas for the next Hunter fan.

The ladies came up with great ideas and our design team has started reviewing the boards to discuss how we can create a new finish and make these boards come to life!

We ended the day around an amazing meal at The Regional restaurant. The group continued to discuss various design elements, Hunter’s inspiration, the latest trends, and the industry.

Last Day

Our trip is winding down but it’s not over yet! On our final morning we toured design-savvy West Palm Beach on the seats of bicycles. After our bike tour, we stopped at a local market for lunch and were surrounded by a variety of local artisans! After lunch we embarked on a private tour of the Norton Museum of Art where we expanded our knowledge on traditional and modern art.

That afternoon the team regrouped at the Airbnb to summarize their thoughts and put the final touches on their creative challenge project. After hours spent shopping for inspiration and researching current trends, the numerous design ideas blew us away. Each blogger approached the project with a different viewpoint and style. From discussing their favorites to brand new designs, we kept our thinking caps on and have yet to take them off!

The weekend concluded with a farewell dinner full of delicious food and new friendships! This project was a success and the Hunter team is continuing to build and grow from everything they learned. We are always excited for our future and we know a few bloggers that feel the same!