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The Empty Nester Guide

  • Hannah Pittman

If you’re a parent, you probably either have or will experience what is known as the ‘empty nest.’

emp·ty nest
noun: empty nest; plural noun: empty nests
a household consisting only of a parent or parents whose children have grown up and left home.

We know this can be a bittersweet subject. Your kids have grown up, moved out, and are starting lives of their own! We know you’ll miss them, but we bet they are off doing great things!

You may decide to either start fresh and downsize your home. If you decide to do that, we have several other inspiration-driven blogs that may help you out as you design your new space. On the other hand, you may feel connected to memories of your current house and decide to stay in the family home. In that case, consider transforming your newly vacant spaces!

Tip: Work with your (now grown) kids to pick out special mementos to hold on to. You’ll love reminiscing on the memories and can possibly even reuse some of the items as you transform the space!

Starting Steps:

  • Declutter! After your kiddos move out, there is a good chance there are a lot of things they won’t use again. It’s healthy to sort through these items and make piles to keep and piles to trash. As time goes on, you may phase out these steps; however, purging items that aren’t needed is a big part of the room transformation process!
    • Tip: Keep in mind that if your child plans on coming home frequently, you’ll want the space to still feel like home for them! Consider holding on to a few pictures, a trophy, and maybe even their favorite high school sweatshirt. Even though you’re tiding up the space, these things will still feel like home!
  • Organize! You may come across a lot of things you - and even your kids want to hold on to. No judgement here – we understand! If you end up wanting to keep a good amount, grab a few storage bins and organize them by ages or by child. You can hold on to the things you want, look back at them over the years, and free up space in the room!
  • Look for inspo! You’ve cleaned out and organized, now decide what you want to do with the room and how you want to do it! Check out our blog for some design tips and how-to’s. Follow us on Pinterest page to see some of our favorite spaces! There are so many options for how to use your now vacant rooms and we want to be sure you create the space you need!

Empty Nest Room Ideas:

Home Gym: You’ve always wanted it – now you have space for it! The home gym is quite a luxury to have but not everyone has the space (or time) to do this. With your open room and a little more free-time, a home gym may be exactly what you need.

Guest Room: This may seem like a no-brainer! Update bedding, change up some of the décor, and call it the guest room! You’ll love having this room ready no matter what random relative needs a quick place to stay. (They’ll appreciate it too!) Check out this blog for some of our guest bedroom ideas. P.S. If you think your kid may end up returning to the nest – this is a great option!

At-Home Library: For all you book-lovers out there – this is the room for you! If reading is a hobby of yours, you would probably love a space devoted to it. Change around furniture and add a bookcase and you have a space you’ll love for years to come! Tip: Add plants to this room to help boost your mood and liven the space with a little fresh greenery.

Home Office: This room can be both a want and a need. Whether you work from home, bring your work home with you, or are a professional online shopper, you could probably benefit from changing your open space to a home office. Change out the bedroom furniture with desk furniture, add a few desk lamps, and a rolling chair and you are good to go!


No matter what you decide to do with the room, a ceiling fan is a must! We have a fan for every room size, room type, and style. If you need help on picking a ceiling fan size, click here! If you want to read up on today's trends, check out our blog here! Just because your children have spread their wings and left the nest, doesn’t mean your home has to be sad! Pat yourself on the back and turn the empty space into the extra room you’ve always wanted.