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Huntervention™: Smart home bedroom in an old home

Huntervention™: Smart home bedroom in an old home

  • Anna Ham

Amanda and her boyfriend Jeremie recently purchased a Memphis home that was built in 1929. As with any older home, modern conveniences are missing like a recessed lighting design and smart home technology.

“We have smart lights, a smart thermostat, so having a smart fan was a no-brainer. We love the ability to use our smart phone to turn things on and off even if we’re away in another room,” said Amanda.

Amanda Hunterventon Memphis smart home ceiling fan in older home

Updating an older home

For this Huntervention™, choosing a ceiling fan design became a part of their overall plans to redesign their master bedroom. They had the major pieces like dressers and the bed, but they needed to fill it in with stylish accent pieces like a ceiling fan and accent pillows.

“We took the inspiration from the Matisse print I have from years ago: It’s green and vibrant and beautiful. It was really the style we wanted: Clean and simple but really vibrant colors,” said Amanda.

The traditional designed dressers with dark wood finishes are a perfect contrast against the neutral color palette she chose. The deep green accent color adds just the right amount of color to the space.

Adding new technology to an old home

Amanda wanted a fan that had the smart home technology features she was looking for as well as a stylish ceiling fan design that didn’t overpower her bedroom style. The Advocate in Matte Nickel is the perfect fan to fit her needs.

“It’s a really sleek and modern design. We love the silver color. We love how it blends in with the ceiling, so it’s not obtrusive yet when you look at it it’s a beautiful design,” said Amanda.

She and her boyfriend are also fans of the fan light fixture: the Advocate has an integrated LED light encased in white glass to deliver bright yet soft, ambient light. Older homes like hers don’t come with a recessed lighting design, so they rely on other lighting sources like lamps and ceiling fans.

There’s not a lot of light in this house; there’s a lot of natural light but at night it gets really dark, so having the extra light is really important,” she said, adding that it’s especially helpful in the mornings when they’re getting dressed.

Hunter Advocate smart home ceiling fan with light installed in older home

The other important reason they wanted a ceiling fan was for cooling. Amanda grew up with ceiling fans, and she’s grown accustomed to the air movement helping her fall asleep at night. The southern summers in Memphis are also brutal, so the cooling, efficient airflow was essential.

“We’ve always had Hunter fans so I knew when we chose a Hunter fan it would be beautiful and reliable,” said Amanda.

A ceiling fan is an energy efficient cooling measure that can help save homeowners up to 47% on their cooling costs. It’s also more than an appliance: It provides lighting in homes that have a limited lighting design and a stylish accent to your room redesign. A ceiling fan is an easy way to give your own room a Huntervention.