Hunter Fan Company partnered with 9 Décor and DIY content creators to explore the Behind the Scenes at Hunter's headquarters and lab and experience the city of Memphis, TN.

Hunter Partners
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Check out our quick video recap of the weekend!
The much-anticipated annual Partner Weekend Event hosted by Hunter, dedicated to Décor and DIY experts, finally made its comeback after a hiatus since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the event aimed to reconnect with the essence of Hunter's brand while showcasing its unwavering commitment to quality and affection for its hometown, Memphis.

Hunter Headquarters Tour

Hunter Headquarters Tour: Exploring Heritage and Innovation The weekend kicked off with an immersive tour of the Hunter Headquarters, immersing participants in the rich heritage and innovative spirit of the company. The tour commenced at the Hunter Museum, where an array of exhibits showcased the company's historical journey, highlighting not only its renowned ceiling fans but also its ventures into other product categories like firearms and bicycles. Of course, the spotlight shone on the timeless Original fan, which continues to captivate customers to this day.

Moving on to the showroom, the latest ceiling fans and lighting fixtures were proudly displayed, exemplifying Hunter's extensive product range and cutting-edge technology. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines Hunter's creations.

The tour then ventured into the realm of design, where participants engaged with the Industrial Designers and New Product Development team. Conversations revolved around the integration of trends observed at major Fashion Weeks into Hunter's design philosophy. Notably, Hunter's talented designers not only craft products for their own brand but also develop exclusive designs for major retailers such as The Home Depot and Lowes. Seeking expert opinions, the designers sought advice on which new finishes to incorporate into their upcoming designs, having recently completed a trend week.

A Highlight: The Hunter Headquarters Lab A highlight of the tour was the visit to the Hunter Headquarters Lab, a unique feature distinguishing Hunter as the sole ceiling fan manufacturer in the USA to have a comprehensive lab facility attached to its headquarters. The lab served as the birthplace of every prototype and component of Hunter's fans and lights. Attendees gained insight into the rigorous testing procedures carried out, including assessments for blade drooping, CFM (cubic feet per minute) output, noise levels, wobble, as well as durability tests involving rain, salt, and heat. Hunter's dedicated engineers go beyond the mandatory 11 tests, conducting a total of 21 tests to ensure their products remain whisper-quiet and wobble-free, providing years of unrivaled enjoyment. Needless to say, this particular stop garnered immense appreciation from the experts in attendance

This stop was definitely a fan favorite with the experts!

Dorothy Day House

Dorothy Day House: A Touch of Compassion A visit to the Dorothy Day House added a compassionate touch to the weekend's itinerary. This notable institution offers temporary housing and support services to homeless families in Memphis, TN. Hunter has been a long-standing supporter of the Dorothy Day House, extending monetary contributions and product donations over the years. Employees have actively participated in various initiatives, including the installation of fixtures and the construction of furniture for the families residing in the home. The partnership between Hunter and the Dorothy Day House is driven by a shared commitment to making a difference in people's homes and instilling a sense of confidence, and values that both organizations embody daily.

Crosstown Concourse

Crosstown Concourse: Where History Meets Renewal The group also embarked on a visit to the renowned Crosstown Concourse, formerly known as Sears Crosstown, an iconic landmark deeply embedded in the fabric of Memphis. Originally unveiled in August 1927, this ten-story skyscraper occupied a colossal space equivalent to a fifteen-acre farm. It represented the aspirations and dreams of Memphians and ranked among the city's top tourist destinations, alongside the Peabody Hotel and the Zoo at Overton Park. However, the decline of Sears in the face of emerging competitors led to the closure of the building

Our partners got a personal tour by the Architects, LRK, and how they redesigned this 1,500,000-square-foot historic building to savor the history of Memphis while pressing into the future for many decades to enjoy. LRK received over 30 awards for their work with Crosstown Concourse.

These were just a few highlights from our weekend in Memphis. We cannot wait until our next event.

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