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3 home design trends to look forward to in 2021

  • Sarah Villane

2020’s pandemic impacted the way we live and utilize spaces in our home. We’re craving more comfort and organization. In 2021, we’ll continue creating spaces in our home to better fit our new lifestyles, while emphasizing design and comfort. We asked our designers what home trends will keep our spaces inspiring in the new year. Check out these three 2021 home design trends our they recommend to continue building comfort and style at home. 

Modern maximalism

Blend modern and luxe features with more traditional and ornate ones to make a bold, personal statement. Decade mixing and daring color palettes come together in modern maximalism for an eclectic and eye-catching design. 

 Vivien hanging in living room

Add a modern glam fixture with art deco vibes like the Vivien chandelier inspired ceiling fan or the Hepburn chandelier to a room with floral wallpaper. Let your personality shine in your new home office with a striking statement wall to create a unique backdrop for Zoom calls. Or add dark hues and a ceiling fixture with a twist on traditional like the Grove Park fan with fluted glass for your master bedroom.

Warm woods and metallics 

Soften up modern farmhouse and Scandinavian modern spaces with materials in warmer hues. With white-washed wood and grey hues as the base, adding finishes with more red and brown tones effortlessly brings warmth to these rooms. 

 The Indigo Leopard Living room

Photo Credit: @the_indigo_leopard_home

Look for furniture and fixtures in mid-tone wood finishes like the Lakemont and Rhinebeck fans with wood grain detailing. Check out Terracotta inspired paint colors like Sherwin William’s recent color of the month, Cavern Clay for your walls. Choose accent pieces with warm, metallic detailing in bronze or brass like the Claudette modern fan. Leather drawer pulls soften the look on cabinets without losing the authentic essence of farmhouse and Scandinavian modern styles. 

Multifunctional spaces 

In 2020, we utilized rooms for more than what they were intended for: kitchens became classrooms, bedrooms added home gyms. In 2021, we’ll continue making the most of these multipurpose spaces. 2020 was all about making it work, whereas 2021 will be focusing on reimagining those multi-functional spaces.   

 Cranbrook collection in home office

Add a computer station in an unused nook of your living room or kitchen and install a pendant light above the desk -- functionality and design for the win! Add indoor plants to these spaces to bring a sense of clarity and calm. 


For home gyms in your bedrooms, check out this popular storage cart from The Container Store to store the smaller home gym equipment pieces. Add a fun patterned wall for inspiration and let natural light in where possible (instant mood booster)!  


Make outdoor spaces feel like an extension of your indoor rooms by adding comfortable furniture and an outdoor ceiling fan. Especially if you decide to build a pergola (we’re seeing them in backyards and front yards), add a weather resistant ceiling fan to keep you comfortable. 

 Searow under pergola


2020 may have changed the way we live in our home, but 2021 will change the way our home looks and feels. Our designers are ready for these 2021 trends!