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Ceiling fan direction for year-round comfort

  • Sarah Villane

These days we all want to do the best we can to go green, be mindful of climate changes, and do our part to leave the smallest footprint possible using energy resources. That's why it's essential to understand how doing something as simple as swapping out a traditional lighting fixture for a ceiling fan can help you realize this goal.   


And you'll love this­: By installing energy-efficient Casablanca ceiling fans in your home, you're setting yourself up to save moneyThat's right, across the board, you'll increase your home's energy efficiency and bring savings to your bottom line just by changing the direction of your fan’s spin during the appropriate season. 


The Beauty of the Spin

Ceiling fans have something that regular fixtures don't haveblades! Fan blades circulate the air in your space, and with Casablanca's reversible direct-drive motoryour fan is capable of directional spin, and that is a real benefit.   


 To keep your ceiling fan performing like a climate control champion year-round, start by applying these simple setting techniques to ensure the ceiling fan direction is ideal for the time of year and desired comfort level inside your home.

Think Clockwise and Counterclockwise for Energy Savings

Ceiling fan direction summer = counterclockwise (downdraft) 


Ceiling fan direction winter = clockwise (updraft) 


When your ceiling fan is switched to winter mode, the fan turns clockwise. The warm air recirculates, creating an updraft and helps your heating unit run less often. This results in roughly a 15 percent savings on your heating costs!   


In the summertime, changing your fan's direction to counterclockwise allows you to raise the thermostat temperature on your air conditioning unit by 6 or 8 degrees with no noticeable difference in indoor climate comfort. Your air conditioner and your wallet get a much-deserved break, and you'll save up to 47 percent on cooling costs.

Smart Home Features and Remote Control

Something else you'll love about the Casablanca collection of ceiling fans: They make it easy for everybody from the digital native to the not-so-tech-savvy novice to achieve zen-like climate control in all the critical spaces in a home. Casablanca ceiling fans are technologically advanced, offering Wi-Fi and smart home features, which means you can tell your fan which direction it should spin by voice command. Our ceiling fans are also equipped with wall controls and optional handheld remote controls that make it easy to change your settings for the less technical users among us.

Where to Begin

Start by working with your designer to choose the fan or fans that best fit your space, needs, and style; there's no need to give up form for function with Casablanca ceiling fans! We recommend placing ceiling fans in strategic locations throughout your home, where comfort is most important.  

Here are some suggested rooms where Casablanca's energy-efficient ceiling fans work best for comfort while also making stunning design statements. 

Home Office

Modern technology is essential to today's home office. Our Wi-Fenabled Aya modern ceiling fan seamlessly integrates with your smart home devices, including Apple HomeKitGoogle Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The light output is bright, white light, which is ideal for office tasks. You'll be able to maintain your focus no matter which direction your fan is turning because of the Aya's whisper-quiet six-speed motor. As for style, the Aya is as elegant looking as its name suggests. Inspired by modern Japanese and Scandinavian furniture, the two-blade modern design is ideal for transitional and large spaces.

Living Room

Worried that a ceiling fan can't capture your vibe in the room where opinions matter the most? Your 50s and 60s era-style living room will shine when you add the Valby 54-inch fan to the mix. The Valby is an excellent choice for a mid-century modern design style and features a wall control to easily adjust your fan settings, including fan direction. It has an integrated energy-efficient light kit that provides dimmable light for entertaining. Your guests will love the clean, refined look and are sure to comment on your star fixture's silent performance. 


Another fine choice for entertaining is the 52-inch Axial ceiling fan. The smooth lines of the Axial and the rustic, farmhouse-inspired blades are a beautiful combination as an option to more modern farmhouse décor. The wall control makes it easy to adjust the fan speed, dim the light, and change the fan direction.

Master Suite

Add a touch of elegance to your master suite with the Daphne 54-inch ceiling fan. Beautifully crafted and featuring sophisticated housing finishes elevated with metallic detailing and real wood veneer blades, Daphne does the job of commanding the space she occupies. The black sea salt finish is stunning, and her easy control function, with exclusive Casablanca wall control, makes it easy to manage the direct-drive motor for optimal performance in summer and winter. 


Say, sunrooms get a breath of fresh air with the Caneel Bay outdoor ceiling fan. This beauty takes cues from the 1950s American industrial era and features a reversible, four-speed Direct Drive motor that provides unparallel power, silent performance, and reliability. You'll appreciate using this fan year-round to keep your sunroom at its climate-controlled best. A convenient wall control makes it easy to adjust the fan speeds and the energy-efficient LED lights. 


Change your ceiling fan direction with the season to enjoy year-round comfort. Browse our website to see all the options available to the energy-conscious homeowner. Our stylish ceiling fans offer functional as much as they do fashion.