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Our favorite sizes to start with.

Kitchen room scene with 60inch Warrant ceiling fan in noble bronze finish

60" fans to keep things moving

60" fans are great for large rooms. Fans of this size can move lots of air and are also great for outdoor and patios.

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Some of our favorite 60" fans.

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42" fans to keep things cool.

42" fans are great for smaller rooms, and they can certainly stir up a breeze. Hunter's small room fans are engineered to keep your compact spaces cool and stylish.

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Studio room scene with 42inch Acumen ceiling fan in fresh white finish

Some of our favorite 42" fans.

Living room scene with 52inch Park View ceiling fan in polished nickel finish

52" fans to feel the breeze.

52" fans are great for large rooms and will keep air circulating. Relax in your favorite space while this large room fan delivers excellent airflow.

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Some of our favorite 52" fans.

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Visit our "How to Choose a Ceiling Fan" guide for help on what size fan works best for your space.
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