About Casablanca

Leading innovation. Passionate artistry. Superior craftsmanship. And never settling for anything less than extraordinary- that’s the world of Casablanca


Ahead of the curve.

Here at Casablanca, we don’t blindly follow the latest trends. We set them. We’re dedicated to innovating the latest technologies and improving upon existing ones, from air movement to motor performance to energy efficiency. The result? Surpassing industry standards in every way—and going for the "wow" every time. Casablanca is one of the few ceiling fan companies with an in-house Research & Development Department—which means we work collaboratively with Casablanca engineers and technicians to bring ideas to life in the test lab.


Something that sets us apart.

Our engineers and technicians test our fans so far beyond industry standards that we don’t have to question how quality, reliability or performance might impact our designs. Having that peace of mind leaves us a lot of room to dream, explore and push our creativity to the limits.

Inspiration for a fan is often sparked through a designer’s individual experience—an unusual piece of glassware at a dinner party, a walk in the woods, a window display. But once we bring an idea into the studio, we challenge each other, discuss and collaborate—sketching and carving our way to the prototype phase.


Dirty Hands.

We work with the noblest of materials—from featherwood to copper—and strive to honor their essential nature. You’ll see stunning photographs and precise images along the walls of our design studio, but we get plenty messy, too—sketching, cutting, carving and burnishing by hand.

At Casablanca, craftsmanship comes down to this: our priority to see and touch the results of our work and our ability to go over the intricacies of design with a discerning eye. That’s why we build out full prototypes for in-house testing, making sure each and every fan is perfect before going to production.

Highest Quality

It’s in every detail. It’s in our every day.

Each fan we create is a labor of love—an inspired idea that’s crafted to life by hand. Some people might call our way the hard way. We call it the only way.

The quality of our materials and construction process is part of why we remain unrivaled in the industry. We make our plates and housing from die-cast virgin zinc, heavy-gauge deep-drawn steel and structurally reinforced resin. We offer blades consisting of six layers cross-laminated wood finished with two layers of furniture-grade veneer. Our blade irons are made of heavy-duty, reinforced die-cast virgin zinc or cast aluminum.

to Perfection

Going above and beyond.

At our dedicated onsite lab, our technicians perform rigorous testing—meeting all the required testing. Visit our test lab on any given day, and you’ll see us exploring temperature, airflow, noise and more.

Fun fact: We’re the ones who came up with the CFM test method—the rating that measures cubic-feet-per-minute airflow, which all fan manufacturers are now required to provide.


Much more than an appliance.

Burton A. Burton, founder, introduced the first Casablanca fan in 1974 as a belt-driven fan for commercial use. It wasn’t long, however, that the demand for residential ceiling fans skyrocketed. It was the mid-’70’s energy crisis, and people needed a way to cool down without a/c.

Burton’s love of antiques showed in his fans, such as his use of brass finish, and Casablanca designs breathed new life into the stale industry. Burton’s unique perspective on the ceiling fan-that it was an essential element of home décor- revolutionary at the time, but it set in place a belief system that we continue to champion at Casablanca today.