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Sconces instantly brighten spaces without taking up too much room. Change the look and feel of your home by shopping the array of wall sconces at Hunter. Our modern wall sconces let you control the lighting ambiance in areas like foyers or corridors while keeping the floor space clear of standing lamp fixtures.

What are Sconces?

A popular choice among interior designers, homeowners and contractors alike, decorative wall sconces bring both style and function to a home. Modern sconces decorate bare walls while projecting upward or downward light to enhance the aesthetic appeal. These sconce lights look great in interior and exterior spaces in residential and commercial settings.

Where Does Wall Sconce Lighting Work Best?

Use decorative wall sconces anywhere you'd like to lighten up dark areas or to give the illusion of a bigger space. Install sconce lights in your entryway to make a bold, eye-catching statement. Sconces also make a great addition to hallways that are removed from natural light sources or may not have overhead lighting.

In your living room or great room, consider mounting indoor wall lights next to both sides of the fireplace to complement the existing light of a chandelier or pendant. Enhance the functionality of your bedroom by positioning an LED wall sconce above your nightstand or on either side of your bed. When it comes to improving the look of any room in your home with sconces, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing the Right Sconce Lighting

With so many wall sconce lighting options available in our large inventory, finding the right size, material, shape and lighting output for your space is easy. Follow these steps to choose the perfect modern wall sconce for your application:

Wall Sconce Placement

Begin your search for the right sconce by considering where it will be placed. If you're simply replacing an existing indoor wall light, this step will be easy. If you're installing a new modern wall light to brighten an otherwise dark area, consider opting for a simple model that will provide ample ambient lighting.

Sconce Sizes

Pick an appropriate wall sconce size by measuring the space on the wall where you plan to install the new fixture. Review the dimensions of the sconce you're thinking about purchasing, which will include its height, width and depth, to make sure it’s a good fit.

Outdoor-Rated Wall Sconces

Sconces also make a welcoming addition to exterior spaces like patios, porches and decks. If you're planning to install modern sconces outdoors, look for options that are appropriately rated for outdoor use. Check the fixture's UL rating to see whether it can be used in damp or wet locations.

Sconce Light Styles

As far as style goes, gain inspiration for your new sconces from your existing décor. We carry single-light sconces in rustic and industrial styles with wood and metal elements as well as midcentury modern designs with clean lines and sleek metal shades. Explore our entire selection of stylish fixtures to find all the options that complement your home design.

Change the way your home looks and feels by exploring the collection of modern wall lights at Hunter. Once you’re lighting is taken care of, add increased comfort to every room by browsing our inventory of quality made ceiling fans without lights.