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Dunshire Bell Clear Seeded Glass 1 Light 12 Inch Medium Pendant

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Carrington Isle 1 Light 16 Inch Pendant

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Pendant lighting is a great alternative to traditional lighting, bringing both style and function to any space. Shop the impressive collection of pendant lights at Hunter to upgrade your home. Learn about some of the most common types of hanging pendant lights and what to look for when searching for the perfect fit.

What Are Pendant Light Fixtures?

When upgrading your home's interior style, quality lighting can go a long way. Modern pendant lighting is suspended from the ceiling, usually by a metal rod. Hanging pendant lights can be used as a single light source or hung in a series for a more dramatic effect. Among the most versatile types of lighting fixtures available in today's market, pendulum lights offer a practical way to add your own design sensibilities to any room. You can install hanging pendant lights to your desired height and the fixtures offer a broad spectrum of light for multiple uses.

Types of Pendant Light Fixtures

Unique pendant lights ensure an effortless way to bring light into your home environment. Pendant lighting comes in a variety of styles, features and options, but our fixture selection can be broken down into two main size categories: mini pendants and large pendants.

Mini Pendants

Similar in design to other types of pendants, mini pendant lights have a slimmer profile and a more compact design. The single-light designs are a great fit for smaller rooms where space is limited and work well as primary task lighting sources. If you prefer ambient lighting, pair several mini pendants together to create a unique design scheme.

Large Pendants

Large pendants can provide task and ambient lighting as well, with a greater amount of light produced from a single fixture. These pendant lights often contain two or three light bulbs and work well as overhead lighting for larger spaces.  

Pendant Lighting by Room

Consider the function and purpose of your space when choosing unique pendant lights. The area you plan to install your pendulum lights should play a significant role in the size and style of the fixtures you choose.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

When prepping food and cleaning, the right kitchen pendant lighting is crucial. For a bold look, go for the style of a single downlight pendant light to center directly over your kitchen island, or install a series of hanging pendant lights to create an eye-catching effect.

Living Room and Foyer Pendant Lighting

In these larger, versatile spaces that require both task and ambient lighting, bowl pendant lights work particularly well. Pendant lights draw attention to the ceiling, creating the illusion of increased height.   

Dining Room Pendant Light Fixtures

In the dining room, a hanging pendant light looks great lined up over a long dining table. A pendulum light can instill a classy, updated look in place of a traditional chandelier.

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