DC Motor Ceiling Fans

Embrace summer and winter with a Eco- DC ceiling fan. Highly energy effi... Read More about this category
Embrace summer and winter with a Eco- DC ceiling fan. Highly energy efficient, our WhisperWind® Eco- DC fans can save 64% on power making them both environmentally friendly and a cost-saver. Explore our selection of indoor or outdoor ceiling fans with Eco- DC motors and LED lights suitable for all room sizes and layouts. Show Less about this category

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DC Fans in a Range of Styles

If you are looking for an energy-efficient solution to cooling your space, a DC ceiling fan is perfect. We offer a wide range of ceiling fans with DC motors. Choose from a selection of styles and sizes with LED lights for both indoor and outdoor use.

Not only do DC fans work effectively to cool a room, but they also work wonders in winter. For homes with high ceilings, consider a DC fan which you can put on reverse. This can push the excess heat at the ceiling down, minimizing heat waste and providing more warmth to your space.

The Difference Between AC Fans and DC Fans

AC fans and DC fans are powered differently. DC fans are powered with a potential of fixed value such as the voltage of a battery whereas AC fans have a changing value. DC fans consume significantly less power than AC fans and are generally quieter. DC models can be more expensive but because of their energy-saving capabilities, they are worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DC Motor Fans Better?

Aside from being more energy efficient, DC motor fans have a reversing motor function. They have both summer and winter modes so you can use them to cool your space in hot temperatures and push hot air down in cool temperatures.

What is a DC motor ceiling fan? How do they work?

The DC abbreviation stands for direct current, meaning this type of motor uses a direct stream of power from a fixed voltage.

Are DC motor ceiling fans quieter?

Ceiling fans with a DC motor tend to have a quieter operation than those with an AC motor.

Do DC ceiling fans require special wiring?

The wiring portion of ceiling fan installation is generally the same whether you’re installing a fan with an AC or DC motor. Most DC motor fans do not require any special wiring.

What is the best type of motor for a ceiling fan?

DC motors offer multiple benefits when used in ceiling fans. They’re long-lasting and energy efficient, plus they operate quietly and use less voltage than their AC counterparts. DC motors also tend to have a more compact and streamlined design while still offering variable functions so you can control your fan settings based on your preferences.