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Enjoy ultimate convenience with ceiling fan remote controls and ceiling fan wall switches from Hunter that pair perfectly with most of our designer fans. Turn your fan on or off and maintain the perfect breeze throughout your home with just the touch of a button. In addition to adjusting a fan's speed, our selection of controls offers the ability to dim your fan’s lighting and change the spin direction for optimum air circulation. Shop our fan remotes, wall controls, and receivers here! Show Less about this category

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Hunter White, K1207-02, Remote Control Holder - 99790

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Chocolate, G2272-03, Remote Control Holder - 99788

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Original Multiple Fan Speed Wall Control - 22394

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Hunter White, 84369-01, Remote Control Holder - 99785

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Original Matte Silver Remote Control and Canopy Kit - 99173

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On-Off Control - 99112

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Original Bronze Remote Control and Canopy Kit - 99180

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Universal Receiver 3 Speed - 99814

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Bring high-tech innovation to any Hunter fan by using our compatible ceiling fan remote accessories. Today, we're used to controlling almost every household appliance and fixture with the simple touch of a button. Hunter and Casablanca brands offer universal and replacement ceiling fan remote control options that make your fans both easier to operate and more energy-efficient.


Instantly make any room in your home more functional with an easy-to-install, wall-mounted ceiling fan control. Our convenient ceiling fan wall switch and remote selection lets you set your fan at an optimum speed, adjust lighting, and even change the direction of the spin – without a ladder.


Gone are the days of awkwardly grasping for the pull chain on traditional fans. Use a universal hand-held remote to adjust your fan's settings from anywhere in the room. Pairing hand-held remote controls with your fan lets you increase or decrease the speed and change the spin direction with just a few clicks. With select models, you can also use the fan and light remote to dim your lights and set the perfect mood. Each ceiling fan remote control features a sleek, modern aesthetic and is designed with the same attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship you expect from the Hunter name.


Sync your fan with your existing home automation devices using our exclusive SIMPLEconnect™ smart home technology to turn your device into a convenient ceiling fan remote control! This innovation operates over your Wi-Fi® connection so you can control your fan, set timers, and turn lights on and off to maintain peak energy efficiency. Wherever you are, keep your home at the perfect temperature with your iOS or Android devices and our state-of-the-art fan technology. Find the right Hunter or Casablanca wall control or remote for your home today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a remote-controlled ceiling fan need a wall switch?

A remote-enabled fan does not necessarily require a wall switch, however, it may be a good idea to have one in case you misplace your remote – that way you’ll have an alternate way to operate your fan.

How to install a ceiling fan wall control?

You should refer to the manual that comes with your wall control for model-specific installation directions. You can also see the wiring section of our Ceiling Fan Installation Guide for instructions on setting up the receiver for your wall switch/remote.

How to convert a remote-control ceiling fan to switch operation?

If you’d rather use a wall switch instead of a handheld remote to control your ceiling fan, you can do that by finding a compatible wall switch. Refer to your owner’s manual and our installation guide to find instructions on installing the wall control.

How to control a ceiling fan from a wall switch?

Operating your ceiling fan from a wall control is simple! Each control is a little bit different – some have buttons while others have dials or a dimmer slide. Your control will come with a manual that provides the operation directions, but you can also check out the Controls section of our installation guide for further resources.

Can any ceiling fan be controlled by a wall switch?

You can control your Hunter fan with a wall switch, as long as you choose one that is compatible with your fan model. For example, some wall controls are made to accommodate Hunter Original® collection fans , while different switches work with other Hunter ceiling fan models. Look at the product details of the individual wall switch to see if it’s compatible with your fan.

Is there an app to control my ceiling fan?

Yes, you can use the Hunter SIMPLEconnect® app to register, pair, and operate our line of SIMPLEconnect ceiling fans with built-in smart technology. You can also connect your Wi-Fi-enabled fan to smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home. Then, you’ll be able to control your fan settings with your voice and/or mobile device.

What is unique about the Casablanca Universal Handheld Remote Control and Receiver?

Combining our speed-setting and light-dimming capabilities, the Casablanca brand Universal Handheld Remote Control and Receiver comes with even more hi-tech features. The CFL Auto-Detect function automatically senses and stops the light-dimming feature if non-dimming CFL bulbs are installed. Our Learning Code Synchronization properties prevent dip switches and frequency interference for maximum performance inside and out.