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Caged Ceiling Fans

A caged ceiling fan offers an updated industrial aesthetic that integrat... Load more
A caged ceiling fan offers an updated industrial aesthetic that integrates seamlessly into a variety of home décor styles. Typically featuring caged or wire enclosures around the lights or blades, enclosed ceiling fans from Hunter are inspired by vintage designs from the late 19th century with a modern twist. Get a sleek, streamlined caged ceiling fan with light or without for a minimalist appeal that keeps your home cool and comfortable. Shop Hunter's collection of industrial caged ceiling fans today. Less
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    Add a modern industrial appeal to your décor with a caged ceiling fan from Hunter. Shop our cage-style ceiling fans for reliable cool air distribution and a modern design born from vintage-inspired roots. Browse our selection, and get this look for your home today.


    Make a bold statement in your contemporary, industrial, or modern space with attractive caged ceiling fans. Trendy cage encasings on fans add an undeniable decorative element to any space as well as enhanced safety and a cool, comfortable airflow. Industrial cage ceiling fans fit perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices, bringing a modern charm to your interior.


    Choose a fan featuring a wire-form cage and vintage-style LED light bulbs to modernize your design, or opt for an unassuming vault-like caged fan to enhance your contemporary décor. Regardless of which style you prefer, you can always expect expert craftsmanship, quality construction, and unrivaled performance from Hunter fans.


    Caged fans stand out in any room without taking up extra space. Choose a smaller caged ceiling fan with light to bring brightness and character to a small space, like a bedroom or guest room. For oversized living rooms and dining rooms, pick a caged fan with a larger diameter to fit the space. When choosing a caged ceiling fan, consider the room's dimensions to ensure the best fit and performance as well as your comfort A smaller ceiling fan installed in a larger room will have to work extra hard to cool the space off properly, while a larger fan installed in a smaller space will create too much airflow. Choose a caged ceiling fan that's proportionate to your room size in two easy steps: Multiply the room's length and width to determine its square footage. Our caged fans come in multiple sizes to accommodate any space. Filter your search based on the room's square footage to find the right sized fan for your needs. Determine the best mounting option for your ceiling height. If your ceiling is more than nine feet tall, you'll need to choose a fan with a downrod attachment. For a shorter ceiling, a low-profile mounting option is a great choice. Many of our fans feature two or three mounting system positions to ensure the right installation clearance.


    Once you've found the right caged fan for your room, optimize your experience with the best accessories. Take your ceiling fan into the world of smart home automation with our SIMPLEconnect® smart ceiling fans that's easy to install and use. Or, get our ceiling fan handheld remotes or wall control system to effortlessly adjust your fan's lighting, speed, and direction with the touch of a button. Keep your home cool and stylish with fans featuring quality engineering and premium design. Find the perfect cage-style ceiling fan your style here at Hunter.