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54 Inch Ceiling Fan

Shop 54 inch ceiling fan from Hunter with energy-efficient LED bulbs, SureSpeed® Guarantee, SIMPLEconnect® and WeatherMax® technologies.

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Norden with Light 54 inch
  • $449.99 - $549.99
    54 inch Neutron with LED light
  • Regular price$199.99$159.99
    Apache with LED Light 54 inch
  • Regular price$449.99
    Symphony with LED Light 54 inch
  • Regular price$399.99
    Chronicle Outdoor 54 inch
  • Regular price$229.99
    Havoc with LED Light 54 Inch
  • Regular price$549.99
    Leti with LED Light 54 inch
  • Regular price$449.99
    Signal with LED Light 54 inch
  • Regular price$379.99
    54 inch Eurella with LED Light
  • Regular price$189.99$159.99

    54-inch ceiling fans from Hunter circulate fresh air to keep larger areas of your home more comfortable year-round, inside and out. Searching for a 54-inch ceiling fan with lights and a remote for your den? How about an outdoor-rated option to add extra comfort to your gazebo? Find the right 54-inch ceiling fan in our large collection at Hunter.

    54-Inch Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remotes

    Bring inspiration and a stylish feature to larger spaces such as your family room, bedroom or living room with a 54-inch ceiling fan with lights. Get increased operating convenience from 54-inch ceiling fans with popular features, such as:

    • Our proprietary SureSpeed® Guarantee that delivers optimized airflow for increased high-speed cooling.
    • SIMPLEconnect® WiFi® technology that provides the ultimate control over fan settings by the sound of your voice.
    • Pre-installed control receivers within the fan that eliminate the need for complicated wiring.

    54-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

    Maximize your outside spaces with a 54-inch outdoor ceiling fan with lights that adds instant illumination and increased comfort. Our 54-inch ceiling fans equipped with WeatherMax® construction are corrosion-resistant and can be installed in outdoor areas that are regularly exposed to salty air or rain.

    Shop the 54-inch ceiling fan selection at Hunter now to discover the perfect option for your home.