36 Inch Ceiling Fan

36 inch ceiling fans from Hunter deliver optimized air flow and unmatched style perfect for bathrooms, breakfast nooks, utility rooms and small bedrooms.

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Valda with LED Light 36 inch
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Shop our selection of 36-inch ceiling fans, designed to bring inspiration and a modern flair for smaller spaces such as bedrooms, laundry rooms, walk-in-closets or bathrooms. Circulate fresh air while adding a sophisticated piece of decor to your space with our fresh and exciting ceiling fans.

36-inch Ceiling Fans with Light

Our 36-inch ceiling fans with light come equipped with an energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb to give you control of the ambiance in your space.
Note: Most light fixtures that come with fans are designed and approved for that specific fan model. If your ceiling fan came with a light fixture, check with our experts before switching it out for a new one.

Why choose a Hunter ceiling fan?

For over 100 years, Hunter has been providing dependable and quality ceiling fans at affordable prices.
All our ceiling fans are Energy Star certified and designed to maximize powerful airflow while minimizing your electric bill. Our, 3-speed WhisperWind® motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance so you get the cooling power you want without the noise you don't.
We test, and test, and test each design a little too much. In fact, we perform more quality testing than any of our competitors to make sure every single product not just meets but exceeds your demands. If you're interested in our testing process watch our video here.

What is the right size ceiling fan for a room?

Our 36-inch ceiling fans are designed for rooms up to 10 x 10 feet. We have other similarly sized products including 30-inch and 34-inch ceiling fans. For our other ceiling fan sizes, please click here.
While room size is important, it isn’t the only factor to consider in finding the right ceiling fan size. Where the fan will be located in relation to where cooling is needed should be considered, as should ceiling height. For more information on getting the right ceiling fan for your needs, check out our ceiling fan buying guide.