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30 inch ceiling fan from Hunter deliver optimized airflow and fit well i... Read More about this category
30 inch ceiling fan from Hunter deliver optimized airflow and fit well in small rooms. Shop from a wide range of styles and features today including 30 inch ceiling fan with light and 30 inch ceiling fan flush mount. Show Less about this category

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30 inch Circulus Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

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For compact areas like bathrooms, utility rooms, small bedrooms or breakfast nooks, a 30-inch ceiling fan can help cool down your space without overpowering it. Shop the selection of 30-inch fans at Hunter to bring a touch of inspiration and sophistication to rooms up to 10 feet by 10 feet.

30-Inch Fans with or without Light Kits

A 30-inch ceiling fan with a smaller blade span is a convenient solution for any smaller room where you need help with air circulation. When shopping our selection of quality designed 30-inch fans, choose from options with or without light kits. 30-inch ceiling fans with lights add attractive ambiance to darker spaces where lighting may be limited, whereas 30-inch fans without light kits are great options for areas that already have ample natural light or sufficient lighting from other sources.

Benefits of Hunter 30-Inch Fans

Hunter 30-inch ceiling fans are designed to bring new life to small, contemporary spaces. Look for 30-inch fan models with wall controls or handheld remotes to easily adjust speed and lighting settings. Our three-speed WhisperWind® motors deliver whisper-quiet performance without compromising on cooling power.

A Hunter 30-inch fan ensures the perfect balance between function and style. Get increased comfort while adding an element of style to your space by shopping our collection of 30-inch ceiling fans now.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best room size for a 30-inch ceiling fan?

A room size of roughly 75 square feet is ideal for a 30-inch ceiling fan. This will allow optimal airflow without overpowering the space. Make sure to properly measure your fan and room for the perfect fit.

Are 30-inch ceiling fans good for the outdoors?

30-inch ceiling fans can be good for the outdoors depending on the size of the area. It’s important to consider the airflow and the fan's durability in outdoor environments before choosing your fan. Make sure the fan is rated for outdoor use.

How many blades are on a 30-inch ceiling fan?

Typically, a 30-inch ceiling fan comes with four to five blades but this may vary by model. Because it is a smaller size, this quantity of blades allows for more airflow.