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Mint? Why not! Designing the Cranbrook Mint? Why not! Designing the Cranbrook

Mint? Why not! Designing the Cranbrook

Mint colored throw pillows? Sure. But a mint colored ceiling fan? “We said 'why not' a lot while designing this fan,” said Hunter Fan Designer Patrick O’Connell about the Cranbrook. When designing this mid-century inspired ceiling fan, Hunter Fan’s Design Team wanted to push the boundaries on typical ceiling fan design. “Just falling in love with some of the Scandinavian modern furniture designs, kind of never really having seen a good ceiling fan that could fit into that European look, Scandinavian modern; never really seen a fan with any color on it,” said O’Connell, adding this was the first fan he designed after starting at Hunter Fan. The Cranbrook is available to buy now in mint or black He and the design team researched what colors are trending in the home fashion marketplace, going back and forth between aqua, mint, grey… O’Connell said the list was “arm length long.”

Cranbrook fan in Mint

After seeing mint pop up more and more on numerous fashion blogs, websites and home fashion shows, the team ultimately decided mint was the color for this fan. The next test: Editors at the top home fashion magazines in New York. Vogue, Elle Décor -- Were we nervous? No way! (Okay, maybe a little bit.) “People lit up when they saw it and said, 'Wow! So you're taking some risks here, you're doing some really fun stuff here' and that helped,” O’Connell said, “To get a reaction like that when you're in the Hearst building or in the Vogue building, to get that feedback you go 'okay, then we're good here!'”

"People lit up when they saw it and said, 'Wow! So you're taking some risks here, you're doing some really fun stuff here.'" - Patrick O'Connell

While high fashion interior decorators doted on the Cranbrook, O’Connell said everyone can decorate with this fan. “If you've got a modern sensibility with a clean, streamline sofa or sectional, this fan will go great in that room,” said O’Connell, “If you're a fan of some of these shag, Scandy rugs that they've started to go nuts with out in the furniture market, this will be a good fan for a room like that.” Adding a pop of color like mint is adventurous, but don’t get too color crazy (bright orange and mint may be too daring). However, it’s definitely a hue that will compliment similar color pops in your space.

Cranbrook fan in Mint

“If you've got aqua chairs, this mint fan would go well. Or if you've got navy throw pillows in your living room, a mint version would go really well with that,” said O’Connell, “As long as you're in that cool color palette complimenting the pop color of that mint you can mix and match with some different blue shades in there and it will all kind of tie together.” If you want to play it safe, we also offer it in black. Low ceilings aren't a problem: The Cranbrook is available for high and lower height ceilings With a 52-inch blade span, the one-of-a-kind Cranbrook is the perfect contemporary ceiling fan for large dens or even an eat-in kitchen space. The vintage yet current fan is the centerpiece your home is looking for, featuring an open hood and tapered blades surrounding an exposed bulb. We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Cranbrook fan in Mint hanging in a loft space