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Our SIMPLEconnect® smart ceiling fans are the first to be HomeKit Certified by Apple, and one of the only Wi-Fi ceiling fans that work with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Home.

Smart home

Hunter SIMPLEconnect ceiling fans take full advantage of your smart home virtual assistants. This gives you the option to use your voice to control your fan.

Every feature,
many controls.

A SIMPLEconnect fan gives you complete control including setting timers for your fan and lighting, when connected with your smart home virtual assistants.

A really
smart app.

The SIMPLEconnect mobile app’s intuitive design gives you precise control. It also connects through home Wi-Fi for operation from any room in your home.

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Shop for a state-of-the-art and stylish SIMPLEconnect smart ceiling fan. Each comes with the Hunter limited lifetime warranty, and whisper-quiet operation.

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with LED light 54”

Graceful, sweeping blades, elegant lines and a glossy white finish, the Symphony is a soft modern masterpiece.


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with LED Light 54”

The Signal is a contemporary blend of state-of-the-art technology, sleek design, and classic finishes.


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with 3-LED light 54"

Soft modern design meets state-of-the-art technology with the Advocate ceiling fan.


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How can we help you?

How do I pair my SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi ceiling fan with the iOS App?
After you have downloaded the SIMPLEconnect 2.0 app onto your iOS phone or tablet you can follow the steps here to set up and pair the app to your SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi fan.
What is the network compatibility for my SIMPLEconnect fan?
Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi fans work on a 2.4 GHz network. This article can provide further information.
Why is Alexa not responding after I renamed my device?
After renaming your device in any connected home app, you need to rediscover your devices in the app.
I asked Alexa to, “Turn on my ceiling fan” but she responded that I have more than one device with that name.
If you have multiple Alexa integrated devices on an account, avoid using possessive terms (i.e., “my”) when giving commands. Instead say, “turn on the ceiling fan.”
How do I know when I’m connected to my SIMPLEconnect ceiling fan through the app?
The icons on the top right of your iOS device can tell you if your fan is connected. The blue icon with a house means your iOS device and fan are on the same network. Green means your device and fan are connected through the server. Red icon with the Wi-Fi symbol topped with an encircled “X” means you’re disconnected.
Why can’t I find the Hunter Fan skill on my Amazon Alexa App?
If you’re using the Amazon Alexa app, you must create a Hunter Fan account through the SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi app your fan must be registered before enabling the skill.

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