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Large Ceiling Fans

Get optimal airflow with our selection of large ceiling fans at Hunter. ... Load more
Get optimal airflow with our selection of large ceiling fans at Hunter. Shop our big ceiling fans and ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings! Less
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Newsome with Light 52 inch
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    Newsome 52 inch
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    Get amazing airflow and with the selection of large ceiling fans at Hunter. With blade spans of 52 inches or greater, you get a cool breeze and optimal air circulation to create the ideal atmosphere in your living room, master bedroom, or any other expansive area with a long blade ceiling fan that's made to move air with ease. Choose from an abundance of styles to integrate with your existing décor and a variety of mounting options to suit your room's ceiling height.


    Install a big ceiling fan to keep your home comfortable all year long. Each of our large ceiling fans features the ability to reverse the ceiling fan direction in the summer and winter to ensure efficient air circulation year round. During the summer, run your large ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction to create a cool breeze that requires less help from your air conditioning unit. When the weather turns colder, circulate warmer air from the ceiling back into the room by running the fan in a clockwise direction on low speed.


    Shop our assortment of large fans for vaulted ceilings to find designs that perfectly fit your ceiling's slope. Opt for big fans with our three-position mounting system, and choose from standard, low, or angled mounting options to install your fixture at the proper distance from the ceiling. For taller ceilings, ensure optimum airflow and clearance with downrod extensions. We carry multiple sizes of downrods in attractive finishes to accommodate your precise ceiling height.


    Choose a large fan with lights to bring a sense of warmth and brightness to your room. Many of the fans featured in our large fan selection include LED lighting options for increased energy efficiency and an incredibly long lifespan. Set the mood you desire by opting for a large fan with dimmable LED light bulbs. If your space already has a successful lighting scheme, shop our variety of large room ceiling fans without lights.


    Keep your patio or deck comfortable even when it gets warmer outside with a large outdoor fan that’s built to withstand the elements. We make large outdoor ceiling fans for covered and uncovered areas to accommodate the amount of exposure it will have to rain, humidity, salt air, and more. Shop our proprietary WeatherMax® designs for the toughest big fans for your outdoor spaces.


    Style matters, and our collection of attractive large ceiling fans come in a variety of designer options to suit your taste. To establish a traditional aesthetic, pick an oversized fan featuring a bowl-style light, rounded wooden blades, and decorative elements in bronze or brushed nickel finishes. If you're more into modern décor, opt for a large ceiling fan with a sleek, simple design, such as rectangular blades or cased white glass.


    When selecting the best large ceiling fan, consider the type of controls you want to operate the fan's speed and lighting. Choose a traditional wall-mounted or hand-held remote to change your fan's settings with the flip of a switch or the touch of a button. Connect your large fan to your smart devices with our proprietary SIMPLEconnect® technology to adjust your fan from wherever you are, even if you're not at home.

    Transform your living room, bedroom, loft, patio, or even your garage into a comfortable, relaxing space with the ideal large blade ceiling fan from Hunter. Browse our full selection of large fans today to get quality fixtures with Limited Lifetime Motor Warranties and top-of-the-line performance.


    What are the Largest Ceiling Fans?

    We carry a wide selection of 52-inch ceiling fans, but our largest model is 56 inches. Check out our Milstream Outdoor with LED Light 56 inch model which is perfect for patios, screened porches, and other outdoor areas that are protected from the elements.

    How Large Should a Ceiling Fan Be?

    The best fan size for your space will depend on the area size you are trying to cool. 52-inch fans work best for rooms approximately 400 square feet. For spaces larger than 400 square feet, you will need either one 60-inch fan or two 52- or 56-inch fans to effectively cool a space. Need more help? Check out how to measure a ceiling fan to find the perfect one for your space.

    Are Large Ceiling Fans Better?

    Yes, the larger the fan, the better. Not only can they work as a statement piece to your home’s décor, but they also circulate more airflow into the room, thus making them a more effective option than smaller fans. The larger blades ensure more air is moved per minute. Large ceiling fans can also cost less to run than traditional models. This is due to their DC motor technology.