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Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Farmhouse ceiling fans from Hunter combine the comfort of rural living w... Load more
Farmhouse ceiling fans from Hunter combine the comfort of rural living with the WOW factor of an updated design. A farmhouse ceiling fan boosts air circulation in your living space for a steady breeze while adding cozy character to the design scheme. Hunter farmhouse ceiling fans with lights offer additional practical benefits, instantly brightening the area, indoors or out. Find a variety of modern farmhouse ceiling fans to give bedrooms, living rooms, patios, and other spaces the trendy homestead-chic vibe. Shop our farmhouse-style ceiling fans in various sizes and finishes to find exactly what you want. Less
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Why should you be forced to choose between traditional and modern design? With Hunter's farmhouse ceiling fans, you can get the best of both worlds. Imagine a ceiling fan that combines beautiful natural wood with creative and eye-catching industrial elements – that's what our farmhouse ceiling fans are all about. Rustic and contemporary design combinations create a shabby-chic aesthetic that transforms any room with a touch of instant charm. Modern farmhouse ceiling fans are some of the most trendy fan designs on the market. Don't be fooled by the name. These works of art don't just belong in the farmhouse; they can be a focal point in trendy, modern homes, too. While farmhouse fans boast captivating rustic features, they're also highly versatile and bring a warm, comforting touch to almost any living space.


Farmhouse ceiling fans have gained popularity because they perfectly balance different elements of both town and country. Most farmhouse ceiling fans feature beautiful wooden blades for a taste of sweet rustic charm. At Hunter, we offer a variety of wood types, including cherry, teak, oak, and more, so you can choose the best match for your home. You can even find blades with a weathered aesthetic to maximize the vintage rustic look. Meanwhile, other elements accentuate the more modern side of the classic town and country divide. Find farmhouse ceiling fans accented with industrial-chic lighting or cast iron features in our collection. Choose bold, unique details to balance the beautiful rustic look of natural wooden blades with something more contemporary. Opt for fans with pewter, brass, or black hardware to channel a look inspired by the Victorian industrial era. It's that balance between rural and urban – town and country – that makes the modern farmhouse ceiling fans style so popular with both professional designers and homeowners alike.


Hunter farmhouse ceiling fans with lights don't just look great – they perform great. Our blades are pitched at an ideal angle to ensure peak performance and efficient air circulation. Many of our farmhouse ceiling fans have remote control compatibility so you can enjoy that rustic look while experiencing the very best in modern convenience. Farmhouse ceiling fans with lights feature dimmable LED to set the mood for any occasion while still conserving energy.

Don't let your ceiling fan be an afterthought. Instead, make it the centerpiece of your room that will dazzle guests and enhance your current design. With an updated farmhouse ceiling fan or farmhouse fan with lights from Hunter, you‘ll see how blending rustic materials with industrial design elements can transform the look and feel of any room in your home. Our fans combine the very best in design with top-notch practical elements so that you can enjoy maximum comfort while living in a home that looks as great as it feels. Looking for a more modern, contemporary ceiling fan? We’ve got you covered!