Chat with a designer: Norden

Our interior designer Fallon Benton works to find a fan that completes your space. She often builds a mood board around to help visualize the space she’s helping design With the modern Norden ceiling fan, for example, Fallon chose it for a space with complementary colors and textures: I kept it fun and pretty: The space has a lot of rose gold, light oak floors, and warm, rich brown textiles, and the modern Norden fan in copper gives it a more mid-century vibe.” Her mood board embodies the modern style the brings the Norden’s detailing to life while creating a warm, inviting space.  The Norden ceiling fan in pink from Hunter The Norden ceiling fan in pink from Hunter

Selecting a style

With a modern fan like the Norden, it’s easy to integrate it into a variety of spaces. The fan’s clean lines and natural wood grain finishes fit into modern farmhouse and Mid-Century modern spaces effortlessly. Fallon says the fan’s style is important; it lays the groundwork for your space’s design. “When I’m looking at a fan, I look at the shape. I get a lot of questions like, ‘is 3 blades better than 5?’ But the number of blades is more about the style of the fan.” 

With an eye to the fan’s style, Fallon crafts a mood board that plays with both Scandanavian design and Mid-Century modern influence. The clean, modern furniture she selects exemplifies these modern style influences. Plus, these simply designed pieces complement the fan’s modern aspects. Similarly, the natural wood tones found in the side tables and dressers suit the Norden's standout feature: the featherwood blades. 

To style the Norden in your space, Fallon says, “Break it down – it’s your space, so pick a fan that you like and make it work with the different pieces in your space.”  

The soft edges of the Norden complement the soft edges on the furniture – I want it to feel light and airy in the space,” Fallon says. 

Choosing color palette

Plants in a modern living room

Determining your color palette is an easy and beautiful way to create a cohesive look in your space. For example, to complement the Norden’s blush pink and copper tones, Fallon used a soft color palette with rosy tones and soft whites. These elements highlight the fan’s satin copper finish and featherwood blades. Fallon also notes that with this fan, mixing metals goes a long way: “Mix metals that have similar tones, like the warmth of coppers and golds. Don't be afraid of mixing metals - when done right it's really beautiful.”  

Creating a cohesive color palette has a big impact on your space. In this mood board, the soft palette makes the space feel tranquil and clean. For a cozier feel, Fallon notes you can “add greens in the space to make it feel homey and inviting.” In your own space, a simple cactus or a hanging plant brings in an organic element that makes the space all the more welcoming.  

Playing with textures 

Sweaters in a pile

A room’s textures also contribute to its overall feeling. It makes a space feel dynamic. In this mood board Fallon incorporates soft elements to make a relaxing space. “The soft edges of the fan complement the soft edges on the furniture. I wanted the fan to feel light and airy in the space,” she says. White sheets, knit blankets, and linen curtains all exude an airy, tranquil vibe, and these light vibes suit the Norden’s natural aesthetic.  

If you’re aiming for a dreamy and light aesthetic in your own home, focus on bringing in soft decor items or fans with sweeping lines, like the Norden. In particular, Scandinavian furniture offers a great modern style with very natural finishes. To complement these modern textures, incorporate wicker hanging planters, round mirrors, or pastel throw blankets.  

Putting it all together

Minimalist Scandinavian interior design

Whether you’re crafting a mood board or your dream bedroom, it is important that your design feels complete. Establishing your style, colors, and textures is important, but Fallon says, “How you want it to feel is more important than the style.” When designing a space, make sure you know what feeling you want to accomplish. Having that feeling in mind makes it easier to find design elements that complete your space.  


Overall, the styles, colors, and textures you incorporate into your space drive its overall feeling. Need help envisioning which fan or lighting fixture will complete your space? Chat with Fallon on our website! With her expertise, she will help find the perfect ceiling fan or light fixture for you. With your design in mind and Fallon’s help, your own mood board will come to life! 

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