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About Hunter Fan

At Hunter, we’ve set the standard in quality and craftsmanship for more than 130 years.

Sure, we invented the ceiling fan — but every day, we find new ways to perfect it. Innovation isn't just a buzzword around here, it's our challenge and our passion. We’re able to stay at the forefront of the industry, incorporating the very latest trends and technologies into our fans, then rigorously testing them beyond established standards to ensure a lifetime of whisper-quiet performance.


Designed to Inspire.

We believe that a ceiling fan is more than an appliance. With a Hunter ceiling fan, you don’t have to chose between efficiency and style — you can have it all! We create high performance ceiling fans that bring architectural interest to your living space. Today's Hunter fans offer more lighting choices, blade finishes, mounting options, and beautifully crafted housings than ever before.

Every Hunter fan has its own unique origin story, but each one is conceived, designed and meticulously obsessed over. Ultimately, our goal is to create a fan that will connect with you on a personal level — so when you see it, you think, “Yes, THAT’S the one.”


Engineered to perform.

Innovation springs from every corner of our company, but our Research & Development Lab is where we put ideas to the test. Lots of test, actually. Our engineers and technicians are always pushing for better, smarter ways to improve ceiling fan performance through new motor technologies, blade designs, smart home integrations or something we haven’t thought of yet. No matter what we’re working on, we’re driven by the challenge to create quiet, reliable ceiling fans that are perfectly in step with your lifestyle.

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Crafted with care.

Craftsmanship can be found in our meticulous attention to detail, from weighing each blade for perfect balance (and wobble-free performance) to working closely with our overseas teams of artisans — who hand paint finishes, hand buff metal blade arms and more to meet Hunter standards. Our test technicians go above and beyond stringent requirements, innovating our own test protocols where none exist.

We want to help create a beautiful ceiling fan that will inspire your space while maintaining the heritage of quality, reliability and efficiency that comes with a well-crafted fan.

Energy Efficiency

Made to save.

Hunter ceiling fans feature amazing technology, allowing them to deliver powerful airflow with incredible efficiency. From our newest motor technology to our smart home ceiling fans that sync with smart thermostats, we create ceiling fans with high performance and low energy use. Our engineering team looks at other aspects of the ceiling fan to improve performance, like the blade shape and angle.

Not only can our ceiling fans help you save money in the summer, but also in the winter. We engineered our fans to reverse direction in the winter to push warm air down with the click of a button or flip of a switch.


It’s a Hunter thing.

Our story stretches across the turn of two centuries, two world wars and the Great Depression — and we feel like we’re just getting started. When father-and-son team John and James C. Hunter invented the ceiling fan back in 1886, it changed the ceiling forever.

We’re still finding ways to improve and perfect the ceiling fan — through aesthetic design, lighting, powerful and efficient air movement, and with ease of use that John and James C. Hunter would be proud of more than 130 years later.


How it started.

John Hunter and son James C. Hunter are tired of the smothering summer humidity and year-round stagnant air (a big problem in that century).

James C. Hunter buys an interest in the Tuerk Water Meter Company of Syracuse, NY. The Hunters are able to invent the very first water-powered, belt-driven ceiling fan with whirling blades (just two blades at first).

The Hunters just go for it in 1896 — buying out the remaining interest of the Samuel Tuerk Company and changing its name to…wait for it…the Hunter Fan & Motor Company.

Hunter Original

A classic that’s always been ahead of its time.

Our classic 52” Hunter Original® has certainly earned its bragging rights. As technologies have changed over the decades, we’ve improved its craftsmanship and energy efficiency while keeping this classic ceiling fan’s popular key features.

This one-of-a-kind motor is housed in cast iron, making is ruggedly beautiful as it is wear-resistant. The Hunter Original uses an oil bath system to constantly lubricate its bearings, virtually eliminating noise and wear. The charming vintage design will be the centerpiece of your room.