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Hunter Industrial HVLS Controls

Our Hunter Industrial team wants to ensure that when you install our fans, you can focus on the other important things in your business. Our new network capable controls offer you the ability to schedule run-times, speeds, and even direction of a single fan or zones of up to 30 fans. The new controls maintain the simple "plug and play" connections Hunter HVLS fans have always had, plus we have taken the guess work out of trouble-shooting. The new controls inform users of specific problems that may occur and allow for resets right from the controller – no more need to access the drive for basic adjustments.

700 Series Controller

The Hunter 700 Series Fan Controller is the most capable and powerful way to operate your fans, featuring a sleek design, intuitive user interface, vibrant display, multiple mounting options, and digital ethernet communications. The 7" digital touchscreen allows for the simple command for up to 30 fans over an ethernet based network, while boasting IP67 protection. Hunter's optional Environmental Control solution allows the fans to automatically operate based on the area's tem­perature and humidity levels. The 700 Series Controller is an optional offering for any Hunter Industrial fan.

430 Series Controller

Hunter's 430 Series Fan Controller gives users the capabilities needed to get most out of their fans, offering advanced control for up to 10 fans over an ethernet based network, – including scheduling of operations and zone control of groups of fans. Easily visualize each fans' operations from the digital touch screen with a clean visualization of speed and direction, as well as any fault codes making any troubleshooting a breeze. The 430 Series Fan Controller is standard on Hunter Titan fans, and optional on Eco and XP.

350 Series Controller

Hunter's 350 Series Fan Controller is a simple and straightforward way to manage your facility's comfort over an ethernet based network. Manage all basic fan operations using the 3.5" color, digital touchscreen. This controller is network ready for a simple daisy chaining of up to 5 fans. The 350 Series Fan Controller is standard with all Hunter Eco and XP fans.


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